THIS is one example why I have complete faith in the spirituality of my ancestors and I spend my life encouraging my people to RETURN to their ancestral wisdom, no ‘religion’ (for they are all fancy tombs with nothing but spiritual death and decay inside them…though you might be so disconnected that you do not realize it yet) can offer us what I naturally experience on a daily basis thanks to our traditional spiritual ways and practices.

Before I left to attend the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York I prayed and asked for advice, the reply I was given was to pick 4 flowers from the sacred plant my family grows purely for ceremonial/spiritual purposes (to offer to the Great Holy Spirit), I was told to chew and swallow each flower one at a time with 9 sips of Mni-Wakan/Holy water (because one of the first things we learn is how to conduit love & light into water in order to sanctify it, not necessary if you obtain natural flowing pollution-free water; but necessary if you have water that is contaminated in any way…such as tap water is….we learn that in its natural state water IS alive…and chemicals are added to human drinking water NOT to ‘purify’ it – but rather to kill it, as part of the way to spiritually dis-connect human populations on a mass scale…our bodies are roughly 2/3rds made of water, don’t you think that having that much of your body saturated by dead water will have an effect on you? As compared to one who only drinks natural water that is still alive? Do you see how the two kinds of people have different thought processes? Now you know one of the reasons why!.

I was also told to say one spiritual gift that I wanted to receive before I consumed each flower, one of the things I asked for – was to be visited and see the spirits of all my loved ones who have not appeared to me yet since they left their physical bodies. Another gift I asked for with another flower from this sacred plant, was to see the ancestral spirits more often.

I left the next day for the UN, I was in New York for 12 days, while in New York I was at a Taino-Lokono-Arawak annual gathering, did this many times before as it is one of the things we look forward to when we gather for the UNPFII each year…but this time was different. At one point in the night when everyone was dancing and playing traditional music (I never dance,I observe) …for a few seconds EVERYONE disappeared and I saw only the ancestors dancing before me, not just my ancestors, the indigenous ancestors of all my friends gathered in that room, Taino, Aborigine, Rakhaing, Aymara etc….and it made a wave of joy and contentment sweep over me – as I have never experienced such a phenomenon before at any previous gathering.

On another night after several indigenous brothers & sisters from around the world, joined the Indigenous Democracy Defence Organization (IDDO) which I created to give another platform and voice to the voiceless – ancestral spirits from all over the world (I could tell by the different traditional regalia they wore) appeared in my hotel room, they all looked happy and smiling, and they said just one thing to me: ” Many more voices will now be heard”….then they left – but not before pointing to something on the floor by my roommates bed that they did not approve of, so when they left I got out of my bed and looked – and sure enough something was there that was not there when I went to bed.

2 nights ago back in Barbados I FINALLY saw the spirit of my dead daughter Aderi (Little Dove), she died 3 days after her birth on the reservation in Guyana 20 years ago, I was in the interior tracking down long lost Eagle Clan relatives and only reached my wife 2 hours AFTER my first baby daughter was already buried, imagine the shock upon hearing on my arrival: “Damon, Shirl (my wife) had a baby girl….but the baby died”…..joy and grief in the same 4 second time span……my head was reeling….I wanted to drop dead at that moment to be with her little spirit……but I eventually asked myself “So I will never see what my daughter looked like?”…..and I could not live with that question…so I went to her fresh grave in our backyard (you can bury your loved ones anywhere you want on Tribal lands) and I dug up her little coffin….opened it…and took my baby out and held her in my arms…I began to fool myself that she ‘was not really dead – just in a deep sleep’ (because she had no sign of rigor mortis yet)……but after perhaps 30 minutes of bathing her in my tears…I accepted reality and re-buried her, she had so much hair on her little head, she was wearing her best dress…it was a traditional Mopan Mayan one from elder Micaela Wewe in Belize I had received 2 years before, and red Hibiscus flowers adorned her head like a crown…I was now too weak with grief to re-bury her, so my brother-in-law Rami did it for me. When I was strong enough to stand again – I went to find my wife who was trying to cope with her own devastation on our bed upstairs.

I never cried out in anger to the Great Mystery – asking why our daughter was taken from us, nor did I stop believing in the Creator because of our tragedy….the ONLY thing I asked for…was for her spirit to be sent back to us in this life…..and we thought that she had indeed come back in our 3rd daughter Laliwa Hadali (Yellow Butterfly of the Sun), because when Laliwa was 4 she told me something very strange that no-one had mentioned to her when she said: “you buried me in the backyard, but I came back alive”…..however we were later told by a very spiritual elder that her older sister Aderi’s spirit is acting as her protector and told her these things….I still was not 100% sure that was the case…until 2 nights ago when I saw my daughter Aderi’s spirit for myself….because my eldest son Hatuey (Army Ants) had been visited by Aderi’s spirit as a little boy, she used to come to play with him and he would tell us about it; she was always 1 year younger than whatever age he was at the time (and in reality our son Hatuey IS one year older than Aderi), and my young first cousin Kayla who is Aderi’s age – ALSO was visited by Aderi….Kayla who was then in her pre-teens – did not even know of my dead daughters existence until after the visitation – she asked her mum (my Aunt) “Who is Aderi?”…my Aunt said “That was the name of Damon’s baby daughter that died in Guyana”….Kayla replied “Oh, because a girl with long black hair appeared to me and she told me her name is Aderi”.

So 2 nights ago, my spirit was taken to a crowded place of bright light that was full of love – where I finally saw my first daughter again (and now I know that the elder was right, Laliwa is not the reincarnation of Aderi), I was so excited, she is BEAUTIFUL like her sisters, same complexion as my second daughter Sabantho Aderi (Beautiful Little Dove), with long black hair, and she has appeared ‘age appropriate’ once again at 20 years now (she would be 21 in September 2015)….we hugged, we walked around together, and we sat together holding hands….then she asked me: “Do you love me?”…and I told her “Yes, and I never want to be separated from you ever again!”..she then kissed me on my cheek, smiled and said: “You can’t stay here dad, you have to go back”…then she got up and quickly left the room, I tried frantically to find her again in that place of many rooms; but she was gone.

I waited 20 years for this moment, to finally meet my first daughter, I used to wonder why she never appeared to me before, and it used to make me feel worse; but it was definitely worth the wait.

Then last night I awoke in my bed hugging my wife in the fetal position, only to see the deceased murdered grandfather of my wife Eldred Dundas, he was looking at us and smiling, he looked younger and fitter than he was at the age he died when I knew him, I smiled back at him and nodded as I acknowledged him by saying “Hi Granddad”….then my wife asked me who I was speaking to – and I said ‘Dreddie’ (that was his nickname) …..but then I looked around again and I realized that the walls of our bedroom were gone and a crowd of people I ‘recognised’ – even though I never saw any of them in this life before….were also watching us, it was then I realised that these people were all our Amerindian ancestors, and because they looked happy, it made ME feel happy.

Those who have lost their ancestral spirituality and wisdom – and have tried to adopt the religion of other peoples, have become so disconnected from spiritual truths by religious ‘versions’ – that they will say I use plants to engage in paganism……not realising that the same Creator they claim to worship – made the same plants I use – which the Creator made for us to connect to the Great Mystery and better understand why we are here; and remember the divine purpose that we volunteered to come here in order to fulfill.

Return to the ancestral wisdom and spirituality of your OWN people…..and free your soul from the prison cell of religious dogma and mass mind control created by OTHER people…..only YOU can free yourself from the chains of mental slavery.

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