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LRI is a media movement grounded in our pre-contact ways of life. We are independent media with direction. We are an adaptation of our story-tellers.
We are content creators of many origins with a vision of returning Indigenous peoples of all “races” to a state of respect for generations unborn.
We are a confluence of the waters of many peoples flowing quiet and mighty. We are taking our place, telling the world.

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Free Leonard Peltier

Leonard Peltier (of the Anishinabe, Dakota, and Lakota Nations) is an American Indian Movement activist who has spent over 40 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Various other governments, dignitaries, and human rights organizations from around the world have called for Leonard Peltier’s release.

Licton Springs

Since time immemorial, Licton Springs has been a recognized sacred site and a natural curative resource for the Duwamish and other Coast Salish tribes of the Puget sound region. For countless generations Coast Salish people have gathered at Licton Springs to harvest the sacred red-ochre medicine used for traditional healing, ceremony, spiritual renewal and celebrations. Licton Springs is one of the last remaining cultural and holy places of the Duwamish and other Coast Salish People.

Concerned members of our diverse community have rallied together to advocate for the restoration of Licton Springs park and the protection of the sacred holy site. Our goal is to establish Licton Springs as a City of Seattle designated Landmark. Land marking the sacred site would allow for appropriate Coast Salish traditional language (Lushootseed) signage, cultural specific historical information (preserving oral history), and restoration of indigenous plants, and uncapping (daylighting) all Licton springs.

Designating Licton Springs as a historical landmark would also protect the site from commercial or private development and thereby ensure access and use of the site for educational, and traditional ceremonial practices; supporting cultural continuity. Please support us in our youth led and initiated effort to restore, revitalize and protect Licton Springs Park.

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UPDATE: VICTORY! After a 5-year grassroots campaign, the sacred site Licton Springs became the first Native American site to earn Landmark Status in the city of Seattle. Read more here

Tell City Attorney Holmes: Make The Fossil Fuel Criminals Pay!

Fossil fuel companies have known about global warming since the 1970s. Over four decades ago, Exxon scientists told Exxon executives that global warming was being caused by the burning of fossil fuels and would have devastating impacts on our planet. Exxon then spent a good part of the next four decades funneling tens of millions of dollars into climate denial and disinformation campaigns. 

Now, with hurricanes raging and ice caps melting, we are all living with the consequences — most of all, those who have benefited least from an economy based on cheap fossil fuels. 

It’s time to make the criminals pay. 

Already, U.S cities like New York and Los Angeles, and counties like King County, as well as Peruvian farmers, crab fishermen, and young people from around the world are taking the fossil fuel industry to court to make corporations pay for the harm that they have caused.

We call upon City of Seattle Attorney Pete Holmes to do the same. 

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