I had a ‘dream’ last night, but I call it a ‘dream’ only because that is what most humans alive today refer to it as. Very few people understand what this process we call a ‘dream’ truly is in cases like my experience last night…..I say this because the ‘science’ of spiritually disconnected people has convinced you that a ‘dream’ is merely your own mind firing off neurons randomly as you sleep….like your own brain showing an independent cinematic production in your mind, which your consciousness (what is left of it) simply ‘remembers’ when you awake….and spiritually disconnected people DO have very nonsensical random and confusing ‘dreams’….this is what they (who routinely slow-poison your pineal gland with what they put in your food and water) – seek to achieve….for it prevents you from learning any truth from the spirit world.

This is NOT what people like me know a ‘dream’ to really be, we are a conscious duality, flesh and spirit (the seen and the unseen), only our flesh gets tired and needs to rest for 8 hours on average each night, our spirit has no need of rest, so if we are still spiritually connected – when our body is in this state of complete rest, our biologically conscious ‘waking shield’ is down – and our spiritual conscious self is free to step out of our body and interact with other spiritual beings, and travel anywhere and everywhere, in what we perceive to be the present, past or future ‘time’….for ‘time’ is not linear as we are misled to believe, but circular (where all power resides)….but I will leave that topic for another time.

Last night, when my body was at complete rest; a spiritual being appeared and said: “Come with me, you must hear what the whales have to teach you – so you can teach others what you learn”.

So I went with this being (maybe it was what Jews, Christians & Muslims call an ‘Angel’, or maybe it was just one of my ancestors who loves me) and I was taken to the East Coast seashore in my island country in the night, I saw a pod of Orca’s, the biggest one came close to shore and it’s head broke the surface, then it began to speak to me and said:

“Every living thing has its own language, it is not unique to man, what you call ‘whale songs’ are our language, the birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish…even the invertebrates and the plants who talk to each other and know what man is doing to the Earth – all have their own language, not all languages are sound, some are spoken visually, some are spoken by smell, some by spirit…but each life form understands the kinds of languages they speak…..man was the last life form – but in his pride he presumes himself to be the first among equals.

The Creator gave each his own manner of communication…. there once was a dream-time when all life forms could understand and communicate with each other…but few are left now with this understanding, and they are becoming fewer as the enemies of love seek to destroy what is left of this universal truth and replace it with a global lie.

You must understand that even the languages that were given to each tribe of man are unique and hold power only for they to whom it was given, keep your own languages alive and you will keep your people connected to the great mystery, lose your language and you will join the vast multitudes of lost ones who spread the lie of existence with little of true life left in them. A bird does not sing the whale song, yet the bird and the whale understand each other for we are connected to the web of life, man has adopted but one trait of the spider – and merely treads on the web of life using it as a trap to seek prey to devour….yet even the spider spins the web and so keeps itself connected…what does man spin? Hatred, greed, lies and destruction?….All life forms communicate with each other, and we are all speaking to man….but man is no longer listening….you must go now and record what you have been told”

Then I woke up back in my own bed.

On another personal observational note, I often hear of various theories by spiritually disconnected men who think our indigenous ancestors learned how to survive in our environments all over the world by ‘experimentation’, they think this is the only way to explain how our ancestors learned to use different plants to cure different ailments etc, but in my dreams I am often told what plants to use for different purposes in my own traditional medicine and ceremonies, just recently I was told what type of flower to use and how many to consume and how many sips of Mni-Wakan to swallow while consuming these flowers, in order to achieve an ability I needed to have. So it is clear as daylight to me that my ancestors – who were even more connected than I am…were also told in ‘dreams’ what plants to use and all the other ‘mysteries’ that perplex disconnected academics to this day.


Last Real Indians