Sep 28, 2017 - Numerous Indigenous Peoples’ Day Resolutions Passed ahead of Columbus Day

Over the past month, numerous cities and counties have passed Indigenous Peoples’ Day resolutions in replace of the federal holiday Columbus Day.

Resolutions were passed in the following cities and counties:

Los AngelesFarmington, the Santa Fe County Commission, DavenportEdmondsSnohomish CountyAshlandOak ParkBangorIthacaBrunswickCharlottesville, and Orono

The movement to abolish Columbus on the local level has grown exponentially since 2014 when the cities of Seattle and Minneapolis passed Indigenous Peoples’ Day resolutions.

Prior to their votes, only the city of Berkeley, CA had an Indigenous Peoples’ Day, which was established in 1992. The efforts of organizers in Seattle and Minneapolis ignited a Nation wide movement to end Columbus Day by changing it at the local level. There are now over 60 cities, towns, counties and the state of Alaska who celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

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