Aug 18, 2016 - Idle No More calls for Independent Assessment of Saskatchewan River Oil Spill

On July 20th 2016, 66,000 gallons of crude oil was discovered to leaked into the Saskatchewan River. Idle No More is demanding an independent investigation of the the spill.

From Idle No More: Independent Assessment of Saskatchewan River Oil Spill

A group of grassroots organizers from Idle No More and others such as the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, the Council of Canadians and the National Aboriginal People Circle and Prairie Region of the Public Service Alliance of Canada have joined together to implement an independent assessment of the Husky Energy Inc. pipeline spill that occurred on July 20th into the North Saskatchewan River. While Husky Energy Inc. has offered to have the spill assessed, many community members are concerned that this assessment will not take into consideration the delicate ecosystem and people of the entire Saskatchewan River Delta that have been affected by the spill.

We are demanding the following:

  • Extensive clean up of the river and surrounding land that has been affected by the spill.

  • That all information Husky Energy Inc. as well provincial and federal governments have collected about the spill be made available and accessible to the public.

  • Immediate strict environmental protections to be instated that monitor and assess the more than 2,000 pipelines in Saskatchewan and Treaty areas.

  • Repeal Bill C-45 and instate the protection of Water.

  • That the provincial, federal and First Nations governments transition into sustainable energy, phasing out the dependency on fossil fuels.

A team, including environmental activists Leila Darwish and Danielle Stevenson, guided by hydrogeologist Ricardo Segovia of E-Tech International (, are on location and have started the assessment process. They will be taking samples and interviewing people impacted by this spill.

We are reaching out to the public for donations to cover the costs associated with this independent assessment. To support, please go directly to our website to donate. If you are affected by the North Saskatchewan oil spill and would like to share your story, please contact us at Thank you.

Media contacts: Sylvia McAdam 306.281.8158
Ricardo Segovia 604.704.1232

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