Jan 15, 2015 - Massive Demonstrations Across Turtle Island Call on Obama to Reject Keystone XL Permit


Turtle Island– On Tuesday January 13th, thousands of people took to the streets to demand President Obama formally reject TransCanada’s application to permit the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. If built, the Keystone XL pipeline would ship Alberta tars sands oil from the tar sands to refineries on the Gulf Coast to be exported.

The new Republican controlled congress has made approving the Keystone XL pipeline one their top legislative priorities. President Obama has stated he will veto any bill approving the Keystone XL pipeline. Republican lawmakers are working hard to win over enough Democrats to override Obama’s veto threat.

Activists are calling on Obama to formally reject TransCanada’s permit application and put an end to the Keystone XL pipeline.

Additionally, on Tuesday concern and opposition was also expressed against the entire tar sands operation, other pipeline projects, and the transporting of Bakken crude oil and coal exports.

Watch “Rise, Disrupt, Defend Our Children’s Future” from Tuesday’s demonstration in Seattle.

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