Jan 13, 2015 - Call to Action: Support the Oceti Sakowin Against the Keystone XL Pipeline

CALL TO ACTION! Tues, Jan 13th – 7pm CST.
#NOKXL Vigil Across Turtle Island!!
Share far and wide.

Let our voices be heard!! #OcetiRising #RejectKXL

This action is in solidarity with a large group of environmental orgs all performing actions across North America. List your vigil/rally here: https://actionnetwork.org/event_campaigns/reject-keystone-xl-now (we are making a map of all the actions happening that day)


The Nebraska Supreme Court has validated the Keystone XL route in the state — and while they’ve given in to Big Oil, we need the President to stand tall.

President Obama has said he will veto legislation to approve Keystone XL — now he needs to take the next step by rejecting the pipeline once and for all.

Join us on Tuesday evening at rallies coast-to-coast to tell the President that it’s time to reject Keystone XL.

Supporting organizations:

Indigenous Environmental Network
Oil Change International
Rainforest Action Network
The Sierra Club

Last Real Indians