Feb 25, 2014 - Protecting the Rez: Protecting Mother Earth Campaign Part 2: Ban Hydraulic Fracturing by Matt Remle

Across Maka Ina, Mother Earth, the practice known as hydraulic fracturing has erupted. This relatively new form of extracting oil and natural gas is generating serious environmental impacts, depletion of aquifers and negatively impacting human health. For more about the fracking process and its impacts go to http://www.cleanwater.org/

In our efforts to help bring Tribes and communities support to protect lands, waterways, sacred sites, and tribal and community members, we have produced a generic Resolution to Ban Hydraulic Fracturing. This resolution is ready made to be brought to your Tribal and, or, county council for adoption.

DRAFT: BAN Hydraulic Fracturing
Resolution Number

WHEREAS, (Insert Tribal constitution & bylaws adopted to protect and promote the general of tribal citizens); and

WHEREAS, (Insert Tribal constitution & bylaws adopted to regulate and license all business and professional activities conducted upon the reservation); and

WHEREAS, (Insert Tribal constitution & bylaws adopted extending jurisdiction over current and future Tribal lands);

WHEREAS, the (Tribal Nation) is responsible for protecting Mother Earth from any pollutants that may cause harm to its citizens, land, water, and air; and

WHEREAS, Section 106 of National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) requires Federal agencies to consider the effects of their actions on historic properties and to seek comments from the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP); and

WHEREAS. the oil industry is engaging in a process called hydraulic fracturing (FRACKING) to extract oil that requires the use of hazardous chemicals that could contaminate water resources that are vital and necessary for the tribal citizens livelihood; and

WHEREAS, the FRACKlNG process could endanger tribal water resources and the waters of the (name of aquifer) aquifer which is the tribe’s main resource for fresh water on the (Tribal Nation); now

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the (Tribal Nation) prohibits in perpetuity any hydraulic fracturing (FRACKING) or any other process that is toxic on lands adjoining the (name of aquifer) aquifer or its tributaries, or flowing water that has the potential to channel to the (name of aquifer) aquifer and water resources, lakes, underground springs, and wetlands where tribal citizens reside on or near the (Tribal Nation):

See Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Resolution banning Hydraulic Fracturing 

For a list of Worldwide Bans against Fracking go to http://keeptapwatersafe.org/global-bans-on-fracking/

Major shale gas exploration areas in the U.S.

For more information or support please contact Matt Remle wakinyanLRI@hotmail.com

Mitakuye oyasin Wakinyan Waanatan (Matt Remle)

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