Feb 13, 2014 - Cheyenne River Lakota Opposes TransCanada by Wiyaka Chasing Hawk

Transcanada threatens the lives of Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation.

Like many of us that grew up in country of Cheyenne River Reservation, there are few stories that are picked up in main stream media outlets. With this piece, I hope to break the cycle and create our own voice when it comes to our opposition to Transcanada.

As a Lakota male that was raised with the oral tradition, language and ceremonies of our ancestors. The Lakota have always remained defiant when dealing with waves of threats to our lands whether it was for the stealing of the Black Hills or Pick-Sloan Act of 1944. My grandfather played a major role in stalling the construction of the Oahe Dam for two years. Point is, we are descended from great protectors and defenders of mother earth and it is understood that she will continue to protect and defend us.

The United States Government attempted to force us to believe that having false religions, false senses of duties and imprisonment would subdue our warriors and absorb us into the imperialist society. We are here to tell the world that the Lakota Warrior Societies still exist.

We are here to tell Transcanada that; The Tarsands are not permitted near treaty lands. We are coming. We will meet you on the battle field so hundreds of warriors can earn our feathers for our warbonnets. My ancestor Wanbli Wazani (to catch and let eagle go) gave feathers to fearless warriors for accomplishing heroic deeds. When that day comes, that tradition will be reclaimed and I will be awarding eagle feathers for heroic deeds of bravery of engagements from the soldiers of Transcanada.

Every generation of warriors are adapted to yielding different types of weapons.In the past we used the power of the rifle. Today we have allies that provide the power of technology, employ the power of the word, the power of prayer, but we employ the power of our prophesy.

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