On 13th November 2014 – I had the immense pleasure of meeting a real life 18 year-old petite and beautiful modern day Kalinago woman warrior, her name is Arkeyshar Valmond, she is a Corporal in the Dominica Cadet Corps; and she is a bona-fide CHAMPION in all respects!

In September 2013, when she was just 17 years old, the Dominica Cadet Corps did a hike from one side of the 750 square kilometres /290 sq mile island to the other (Capital City Roseau on the West – to the town of Castle Bruce on the East) over the mountains. It was not a competition, just a training exercise – yet she did it faster than the Barbados Cadet Corps contingent that was with her, and faster even than the Dominica Police Force had ever done it.

On the following day Arkeyshar was given an M16 Assault Rifle with 25 rounds of ammunition, and a target to shoot at; ALL 25 of her rounds hit the target – and 23 of those were Bullseye, the other 2 were the closest possible next to the Bullseye, she made the highest score with 97 points….and she was the ONLY female competing against 4 other men – including the Staff Sergeant himself!
The supervisors for this event were Dominica Police Force rank and file.

Later – in Barbados, Arkeyshar was made to compete against cadets from 7 countries (mostly men), and once again she places FIRST with the highest score, among other things she did the obstacle course in a record 3 minutes 17 seconds, the Dominica Police Force officers in the competition could not do it faster than over 4 minutes!She also competed exceptionally well in Orientating, Navigation, Public Speaking, Marching, Military Knowledge, Shooting, and Section Battle Drills.

Do not let her small size and incredible beauty make you think she is weak – for THIS young Queen has the heart and soul of a Jaguar….when you see a proud and highly skilled young Kalinago woman like Arkeyshar today – you can EASILY see that Columbus was telling the truth when he described how Kalinago women warriors over 500 years ago attacked him and his men and chased they off their island – the great prowess in combat never left the mighty Kalinago people, it is still in their DNA! It is why they are the ONLY native people in the history of the Caribbean to have fought EVERY European colonial power (Spanish, French, Dutch & English) in their region for 400 years – and NEVER been conquered by ANY of them!

I am pleased to announce that the Caribbean Amerindian Development Organization (CADO) has decided to sponsor Corporal Arkeyshar Valmond of the Kalinago Tribal Nation (Dominica), to attend the upcoming Amerindian Inter-Tribal Games to be held in Guyana in March 2015…..for we see in her a GREAT Athlete capable of representing the great Kalinago People with distinction and honor.

We are so confident in her abilities, that even if she is the ONLY Kalinago athlete at these games – we KNOW that she will be a force to be reckoned with by EVERYONE else.

If you are a native of North America, Central America, South America or the Caribbean and are interested in sponsoring via a donation – or personally participating in these historic Caribbean Inter-Tribal Games – view this promo clip below – contact information is provided in the text.
Help us – and be counted as one who helped to unite the Condor and the Eagle!
The SPIRITUAL aspect of this inter-tribal unity gathering will far outweigh the athletic aspect of it…as your heart already knows.

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