Nov 26, 2014 - A Season of Hope


Friend —

Happy Season of Hope.

Where do the days and seasons go? It is so hard to imagine that Leonard has been in prison for almost 40 years. We meet each “ holiday” season with the cold, hard fact of yet another year inside concrete walls for him.

We are holding on to hope.

We hope that you and your loved ones are cozy and warm. We hope for peace and balance on our Earth, in our homes and hearts. We hope for more healing and less hurting. We hope that each of us will listen to our inner wisdom and walk on the path toward the highest good. We hope that hope finds a larger place in our lives.

Every year around this time, Leonard puts out a plea to help the youth on the Pine Ridge Reservation. This year is especially sad as there has been so much trauma and despair on Native lands. Did you know that the suicide rates among the youth on Native American Reservations are THREE times as high as the rest of the country? Infant mortality is THREE times the national rate, and 1 in 4 infants are born with fetal alcohol syndrome— only Haiti has a lower life expectancy rate than Pine Ridge.

The continuing tragedies, including missing women, suicides, poverty, violence, and the consistent loss of hope, only represent the perfect reason for us to stand beside you, and ask that we band together and lift each other up.

This is more than a gift drive, this is a hope drive.

Imagine living in a trailer with several other children and no adults, imagine it is bitterly cold, the roof leaks,-the top bunk is the worst. Imagine trying to find hope when all around you there is depression and dismay. Pine ridge is the poorest part of the United States. Third world conditions exist right here in our very own country.

Native cultures, traditions, even our very languages are disappearing.

There is anger about broken treaties, promises, and spirits.

It is hard to find hope here.

This is a wounded part of the world. Let’s change that.

Ours is not a pity cry, it is a cry for hope. It would be wonderful if you could send some gifts of hope and help to the kids on Pine Ridge, but it would also be wonderful if you will take an active role in our future.

Let us all release our judgements and find love, hope, and support for Leonard, and for all people who are suffering or are challenged in this lifetime.

Let Creator guide your heart and show you a way to support someone who needs it. Each of us have gifts to offer, and each of us CAN do something whether it seems large or small.

We need not change the world to have a positive affect on others or our Mother Earth.

We are so very thankful for all of you, all that you do for Leonard, your support, your prayers and your hope.

We will issue an update soon regarding Leonard’s health and his bid for clemency.

Hold him in your prayers, hold out hope for his freedom.

If you would like to directly help the children on Pine Ridge Reservation, Leonard encourages you to send gifts, toys, hygiene products, warm coats, gloves, socks, new and unused items to:

Leonard Peltier Gift Drive

ATTN: Eileen Janis

P.O. Box 525
Crazy Horse Avenue
HWY 18
Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Blessings and HOPE to you all.


Leonard Peltier

Last Real Indians