Inside the U.N. by Damon Corrie


In my ten years at the UN for the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues each year, I see fellow indigenous representatives/leaders/activists coming to the UN with genuine but FALSE ideas about what the UN can and cannot do for them.

MOST IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO REALISE is that the UN is basically an International beggar, it does not generate money to fund its own activities - IT DEPENDS ON GOVERNMENTS OF POLITICAL NATION STATES (including the ones guilty of colonialism and Neo-Colonialism) TO GIVE IT MONEY SO IT HAS A BUDGET TO a nutshell, the UN only belongs to humanity in THEORY, but politically and financially it belongs to the countries that it depends on to exist. This is just REALITY, do not get depressed and disappointed and surrender all hope, because that will not help you, instead get creative and find out what ARE the ways officially and unofficially the UN can become a tool that you can use in a beneficial way instead.

Most countries CAN be morally condemned and internationally embarrassed at the UN by revealing the TRUTH of the wrongs they are doing, and THAT is a very useful tool in the Court of Global Public Opinion, and anyone with intelligence knows the value of free high profile publicity - and there is no higher arena to achieve this than the UN.

However, the UN is NEVER going to openly or officially support (even though we have some high ranking UN staff that DO support us) any peoples struggle for freedom and political independence - UNLESS the most powerful countries support it.....and they usually only support it if the country in question is not one of the UN Security Council member countries allies and if they think by backing the freedom fighters they will get a more friendly new government they can control or manipulate better. This is the nature of POLITICS.

RARELY would the entire Security Council unanimously back any indigenous peoples struggle for liberation, because the most powerful countries - USA, Russia, China, UK and France - ALL have colonies or territories that have indigenous peoples who also want to regain their sovereignty, so they are not going to officially support the Zapatistas in Mexico, or the freedom fighters in West Papua against Indonesia, or the mongoloid freedom fighters of the 7 north eastern occupied states against India, or the freedom fighters of the Cordillera in the Philippines, etc....because if they let the truth of our rights under International Law become established, that indigenous peoples have an EQUAL right to political sovereignty - they would basically be signing the political death warrant for their own Colonial and Neo-Colonial Political Nation States, so they are in self-preservation mode and are not going to do anything that will help native peoples create countries of our own because in order for OUR countries to be born - these existing countries that are oppressing us must die....not die in the sense that our non-indigenous oppressors must all be killed, no, that is a fools dream, I mean DIE POLITICALLY in the sense that their current borders will have to be for example Crimea will NOT belong to Russia, Tibet will NOT belong to China, West Papua and Maluku will NOT belong to Indonesia, Sabah will NOT belong to Malaysia, Hawaii, Guam and Puerto Rico will NOT belong to the USA, Cayenne will NOT belong to France, Northern Ireland will NOT belong to the UK, the occupied territories will NOT belong to Israel etc, should get the picture by now.

You should be aware by now that certain militarily powerful countries or countries PROTECTED by militarily superpowers (with Israel being the ONLY country that is both militarily powerful AND protected by a Superpower) can do as they please and not even the routine moral condemnations at the UN nor the routine political AND financial support of almost EVERY other country on Earth, still has NOT been enough to allow the Palestinians to regain their complete political Sovereignty and freedom in over 70 years of trying.

So please save your ultra pacifist deceptive mantra that 'Peaceful negotiations can solve everything for every oppressed people'....because that is a LIE. Oppressors are like bully's, and in 99 out of 100 cases, the ONLY way to get a bully to stop persecuting you, is to inflict severe pain on that bully, only THEN do they suddenly learn to respect you - even if they still hate you, at-least they now know you can defend yourself and hurt them as well.

Do you honestly think if North Korea did not have Nuclear Weapons the USA would care about or respect the opinions of its government? They would have invaded and overthrown the government of North Korea just as they did to Iraq and Libya and everywhere else too weak to fight back in any strong way....just like a bully in school.

This is why North Korea will never give up its nukes, and why Iran will never stop trying to get nuclear weapons, everyone with eyes to see knows that this world is run on a principle of military strength in MOST cases.

That is why I hate to hear these modern day wimp ass naive indigenous leaders talking politically correct popular and socially acceptable crap about 'Our elders told us violence solves nothing'....what elders - the ones in the Buddhist temple in Bhutan? Violence in our self defence is what saved all of us from extermination! Because ALL the other native elders I ever read about and in my own tribal ancestry - the native leaders and heroes of indigenous history - ALL fought with WEAPONS against the non-indigenous invaders and colonisers of all our continents and do not come now with this 'violence is never right' bullshit message because you want dominant non-indigenous society to love you and hold you up as their new shinning star of the native pacification message....we REAL warriors know that violence is never RIGHT but it sometimes becomes ABSOLUTELY would NOT be alive today to spread your 'never fight back just pray for God to save you' brainwashing cowards propaganda if YOUR OWN native ancestors were not REAL warriors who literally fought and killed and died in wars with the non-indigenous invaders so that your tribe could be saved from your ancestors some goddamned RESPECT. War is still a legitimate last resort and this is even enshrined in International Human Rights Law.

The opening paragraphs of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says "Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law."

By Damon Corrie

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