Re Imagining Education: Keeping Our Native Heritage Alive

I think a Native focused schools looks like a school with strong supportive staff and volunteers. The schools would be a healthy environment for the students to learn about cultures. Some of the things we would learn about in our school would include our families history and how it has changed over time.

The Clear Sky Native youth program was founded in February 2008, and is a native youth program. It also has a scholarship fund.

The scholarship fund honors the memory of Roberta m. Wilson for her lifelong dedication to Indian education of the students in higher education continue to inspire, ignite, and motivate those who had the privilege to experience her leader ship and wisdom.

This scholarship recognized honorable scholars pursuing higher education continue to inspire, take night, and motivate those who have the perverts to experience her leader ship and wisdom. The scholarship recognizes honorable scholars pursuing higher education.

Some of the teachers at clear sky are Native teachers, and they are showing showing students their history and culture. People on the reservation are speaking Native languages to practice traditional ways to teach children by history of the nation.

Some people strive to preserve native cultures and tradition. Clear Sky is doing the same thing teaching native kids their traditional ways. All native schools would provide more resources for native youth. And positive native focus school would provide equal opportunities for all students. This would ensure a strong and stable environment for all the students attending.

If I went to a Native focused school, I would learn more about my Tulalip culture, such as Tulalip traditions, values, history, song, dances, and maybe even canoe building. Learning about these things would help me feel feel like I am a bigger part part of my community, and give me a bigger sense of how I fit into my tribe.

It is important for me to be a part of my Native community in order to keep Native cultural alive and to be able to pass it on to other people.

Storytelling is a critical part of native American culture as it helps us to tell our stories and share our benefits with younger generations. Being an active member of my tribe help me feel like a part of a large family who is always looks out for each other.

Without Native American focused schools, we risk losing our culture and forgetting about our past. This is why I believe it’s important tho have a Native-focused-school.

Written by Larissa (Tulalip)

Larissa wants to go to a Native focused school and experience more about her culture and environment. She is from the Tulalip Tribes. She wrote this article because she believes that Native focused schools are important to the world.

Edited by: Autumn Yellow Bear (Northern Arapaho/Kiowa), Luka Pili (Puyallup), Cante Remle (Lakota/Pauite),

Cover photo by Cante Remle (Lakota/Pauite)

*Re-Imaging education is a project of the Seattle Clear Sky Native Youth council. The project worked with Native youth to re-think how education for Native youth could look like, adapt them with critical thinking skills, photo journalism skills and journalism skills. In partnership with Last Real Indians, we will be running a series on essays the youth wrote, edited and took photographs for.