Bringing Native American Spirituality To The Next Generation by Kylee Carter

There are nearly 3 million Native Americans living in the U.S., and not just in tribes. We are part of ordinary communities, in cities and towns throughout America. We contribute to society in many ways, and this includes passing on teachings about indigenous beliefs. The knowledge that we look to pass onto the next generation, includes the ideas and stories that can help people find an inner peace and a route to spirituality. This traditional wisdom is important to help you to navigate through everyday life, making sense of the world and why we are here.

How can spirituality help?

No matter what race or creed you are, there is so much that can be learned from Native American spiritual practices. No matter what religion you are, spirituality is all about the understanding that we are part of a much bigger picture. Things are unfolding in the universe just as they should be, and the events in our lives are being watched over by the Guardian Spirits and ultimately the Great Spirit. There is great comfort and security in this knowledge for people of Native American descent. For the next generation, it is important to know that you are going through a rite of passage and will come out safely on the other side. Research has also shown that embracing this spirituality is valuable for your mental wellbeing - helping you to ultimately feel happier.

Working within schools

Working with schools is a great way of passing on the spiritual stories and knowledge on to the next generation. Native American teachings, storytelling and traditions don’t have to be confined to those that are directly descended from indigenous people. There is a great benefit in teaching children, especially if the lessons are coming from elderly or retired individuals in the community who are respected. Having storytelling days, and being part of drama classes is a good way of getting involved. The spiritual life lessons can help the younger generation to gain perspective on their feelings and emotions, making it easier to navigate through the decisions you make in life.

Organize a community event

The stories and beliefs of the indigenous people have always been very much a verbal tradition. Getting involved in community events, such as festivals is a great way of introducing the next generation to Native American stories and traditions. You can pass on the spiritual knowledge that is key to happiness. Community events can also help others to gain an understanding of the beliefs that the indigenous people have - ultimately embracing these differences. Another good way of passing on spiritual wisdom is through a storytelling evening. You can invite local youth groups and such as the scouts along to make it a social event. That way, more people can look towards Native American beliefs in order to find inner peace and spirituality.

Native American religion and spirituality go hand in hand. Imparting the rituals, stories and legends can help give us a better understanding of our place in the universe. We need to educate the next generation, so that these vital beliefs can live on into the future.

By Kylee Carter

Kylee spent several years working as a life coach before taking time out to start a family. With two young daughters to take care of, she has now returned to her first love of writing