Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Medicine Wheel Ride

Every 3 days in the USA, and every 2.6 days in Canada, a Native Woman goes missing from her family and community.

The Ride for Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women was initiated by Shelly Denny of Arizona, as a relay ride around North America, including Mexico, in the shape of a Medicine Wheel. Riders came from the four directions: East, South, West, North, bringing Medicine Prayer Bundles From each direction.

We are praying for our Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women and all lost loved ones and their families.

The 2019 MMIW Medicine Wheel Ride center meeting point was in Topeka, Kansas on June 14, where Riders gathered with the Women’s Freedom Rally and broke the record for the most women riders on one ride in North America. The 2019 MMIW Medicine Wheel riders then went back out their spoke to continue the Medicine Wheel Ride around North America.

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Joan Jack, (from Treaty 5 in Canada), Charmaine Willier-Larsen (from Treaty 8 in Canada), and Jill Coultas who carried in the Southern Medicine bundle from Texas have been riding the Medicine Wheel Ride around North America, in an effort to bring awareness about Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women.

The Riders put red ribbons on their bikes in memory of daughters, wives, mothers,sisters, and aunties, that have gone missing and in support of their families.

Joan & Charmaine started their ride in Manitoba on May 24, and are expecting to end their 12,000 mile ride back in Winnipeg July 14.

Joan, Charmaine and Jill are expecting to be in Seattle on July 1 at 401 Pine Street,Seattle, Washington.

Event starts at 4 pm, riders are expected between 5 pm & 6 pm.

All are welcome to participate in the Ride and attend an awareness event on behalf of Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women and their families and friends, to say prayers and connect with those in Seattle on that day.