Sep 11, 2013 - Chase Iron Eyes on 9-11


On this anniversary of the tragedy that befell the United States on September 11, 2001 I want to offer my condolences to the families of the innocent whose lives were taken far too soon. 9-11 is not my tragedy though I can empathize because Wounded Knee is my massacre, Sand Creek, Bear River, Nooherooka, Whitestone Hill and other tragedies of our holocaust are our 9-11s…. As inherently sovereign nations, clans, bands, families and individuals imbued by the powers of the universe with birthrights to govern and conduct ourselves according to the order of the natural world and natural law, we as the original humans (indigenous nations) of this hemisphere can only empathize with what happened to the Americans occupying our homelands on that fateful September 11th.

As Original Peoples we must not only condemn the current state of world affairs as the cause of 9-11, including the set of economic, legal, geo-political, social, media, academic, and religious institutions originally crafted by the European West that dominate the majority of the globe’s populations today, still inform the development of the world’s children, and create the continuing “reality” or “set of paradigms” that are quickly destroying the planet but we must take our place in creating solutions today.

Because Americans have terrorized other nations since 1776 and because America continues to do so not by the will of its citizens but for the profit interests of those who have usurped the power of the American people (the 1%, the Bankers & Corporations), America will always sow a response-terrorism the likes of which we have seen from the Arab world. Because the economic models of “developed nations” mandate that they continue to create imaginary wealth by creating debt and new fiat-currency backed by natural resources which must always be found and consumed but for which those same neo-classical models do not impart a finite nature to in their “quality of life” calculus; meaning the world economic system is acting as if the worlds resources are infinite, that they can keep increasing GDPs while we poison all fresh water, kill species, ecosystems and rainforests and still look at a graph that shows “income” or GDP went up this year, that “growth” happened so “civilized 1st world nations” can report that they are doing something right. This is why we will continue to go to war with each other to continue to artificially prop up the current economic models, to continue to fight for the right to devour natural and human resources, to maintain an inequitable standard of living among world populations, and to drive profits for the 1%. Soldiers don’t die for freedom; they die for profit.

So, fellow humans, please remember that 9.11, as horrifying as it was for children and innocents to die so violently, is only a symptom of the Military-industrial-financial-information complex we live within and which a majority of nations in control continue to propagate. The only hope or a change is a spiritual awakening on a global scale; if we listen to our spirits we will not listen to patriotism of any regime regardless of religion, race or nationality. Maybe then we could craft regenerative economies that do not require us to go to war with each other and kill the planet because if we do not wake up those that profit from war and planetary destruction will not stop, they need to be stopped. Indeed this is humanity’s evolutionary challenge. One way or another we will learn that we cannot eat money or drink oil. May we recognize Creation is trying to help us.

Chase Iron Eyes, Esq.

Last Real Indians