Aug 28, 2017 - Canadian Involvement in Brazilian Genocidal Destruction

This is an open letter to the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC); and the Mining Commission of the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada.

To whom it may concern:

Thanks to a decree by Michel Temer, current chairman of the criminal and genocidal Brazilian mob in politicians’ costumes (, Canadian companies will now bring more death, destruction and life devastation to our part of Abya Yala.

The Canadian part of this global mob knew of it. Months before we, the righteous owners, learned of it from that honorable part of the international media whose silence you couldn’t buy yet.

We have resisted so far 517 years of genocidal advances. And lately we have switched to peaceful means only of resistance. Trying out conversation and invaders’ inventions like “State of Law” and “Judiciary” and “Humans Rights Declarations” and so on.

Now I know I was wrong. You proofed me wrong too many times. You, insatiable and life exterminating individual and corporate mass-murderers, won’t fool me no more.

As a reaction to both, your incapability to respect, learn and perceive your lethal cynicism and your misjudgment of our decades-long strictly non-violent means to resist as weakness, I from now on will cease to encourage this obviously fruitless approach of the respectful and peaceful kind. I simply must admit I was wrong, and more radical youth has been right.

I too agree now, that every Canadian (and other) corporation or citizen who engages in genocidal and biocidal warfare against us and our Mother-Land for their profit by teaming up with and reinvigorating our local genocidal mob-government, currently led by criminals Michel Temer, Blairo Maggi and Romero Jucá, shall be treated exactly as such: a life-threatening terrorist.

Please be reassured, it doesn’t make a grandfather happy to say these things. But I have a traditional “comes first” too:

Life First!

Huu Te – Southern Abya Yala (“Brazil”)

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