Aug 19, 2017 - White America

You can take offense.
You can call me a reverse racist.
You can abuse me with you silent the comments.
But it’s white America.

I’m not saying this time be harsh.
I’m not saying this to be cruel.
I’m saying this because this is what I know to be true.

To be young.
To be a women.
To be of color.
In this white America.

You do not know the struggle.
You don’t understand the pain.
You do not notice the tears running down our face.
Because this is white America.

Yeah you maybe a women.
You might be young.
But your skin is so fair.
And with fairness comes privilege
And with privilege comes ignorance.
And with ignorance comes bliss in this white America.

I’m not saying your problems are unreal.
I’m not saying your struggles is not hard.
But to have that smooth silvery complexion makes your problems achievable.
But this is white America.

I’m not saying you don’t fight,
But we as indigenous people have to fight harder.
I’m not saying you don’t stand,
But as indigenous people we have to stand taller.
I’m not saying you ain’t brave,
But we as indigenous people have to be the bravest.
For this is white America.

And in white America we get beat,
We get looked down upon,
We get spit on,
We get taken from out families,
We get raped,
We get erased.
But that is because we live in America.

By Ayanna Fuentes

Last Real Indians