Feb 27, 2017 - The Caribbean Amerindian Development Organization (CADO) by Damon Corrie

I had a SECOND successful visit here in Panama Central America – with one community of our Embera Tribal Allies (a mighty Tribal Nation 83,000 strong) , the first Central American Tribal Nation to join the Caribbean Amerindian Development Organization (CADO) and be on the emergency relief watchlist of the Indigenous Democracy Defence Organisation (IDDO).


They have a beautiful hidden ‘”waterfall where the magic frogs live” (We are helping them to develop a sustainable Eco-Tourism industry – FOR FREE – as unemployment has become very high since they were forced into semi-westernised existence (as is almost always the case with indigenous peoples)…economic self-sufficiency falls under the LIBERTY theme (and to live debt-free is liberty as well), I also have been helping them spiritually, as their last Shaman joined a Church so the traditionalist in the community rejected him saying quite rightly – how can you be a keeper of our Creator-given spiritual wisdom if you follow the teachings of a man-made religion?

So I did two natural energy healings (always for FREE) in the community to show them that the ancestors had real power to heal which these religions only talk about….this falls under the theme LOYALTY to the ancestral wisdom. The Video testimony attesting to the healings that occurred of the husband of one patient and the best friend of the other will be posted later. So we are rolling back the influence & domination of the Churches as well.

We also organise them politically (for FREE) and inform them of their rights as recognised under International Law…the government for example told them – ÿou have to let one Chief lead all five of your villages in this area as we do not have the time to deal with 5 different people”…so I told the community it is their RIGHT under International Indigenous Rights Laws and Conventions which the government of Panama has RATIFIED PUBLICLY AT THE UN – to have their own Chief of EACH village and the Government will damn-well HAVE to MAKE time to deal with them individually…this community unification of the REAL voices of the people (the TRADITIONALISTS) falls under our SOLIDARITY theme.

Our months-long training program (which will continue for one full year – I am funding it myself personally as Chairman of the Defense Committee of IDDO) for Embera in self-defence sniper tactics continues as well, and EVERYTHING we do in CADO is funded out of OUR OWN POCKETS, we neither ask for nor receive ANY grants from anyone…my critics who lead older indigenous NGO’s CANNOT say the same.

Once again, I challenge YOU and EVERYONE ELSE who has nothing better to do that criticise us – to name ONE other Amerindian NGO ANYWHERE that does as much as US in as many countries as WE do in CADO….and you shall NEVER find a single one.

I never claim to be a Saint, but I merely tell you very matter-of-fact – that NO-ONE in all of CARICOM is doing as much as me personally for the FULL EXTENT of Amerindian rights! Whether you personally like me or hate me I really don’t give a damn, I have a mandate from my ancestors to fulfill here that does not depend on your opinion.

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