Feb 21, 2017 - Wolakota Mitakuye Oyasin: Statement from Water Protectors

For Immediate Release

In the interest of the Water Protection Efforts, Dakota Access Pipelineand International Law, specifically the 1851 Ft.Laramie Treaty.

TIWAHE(s)/Nuclear Family

The Descendants of Oglala Leaders and Headsmen,and Representatives of Tiospaye(s) na Tiwahe(s) recognizes the right of the Water Protectors to look after the future generations of all Peoples while acting within the borders of the 1851 Treaty Territory, this includes north of the River Where Sacred Stones Are Made, AKA, The Cannon Ball River. This is International Law, not only recognized by the world but also in the American Constitution, and now more than ever it is critical to enforce these rights against despotism and corporate interests. Further, the water protectors Lakota and Non, have Inherent Rights, beyond Treaty or NATION States Mandates, we recognize this as well. In saying so we, as Indigenous People with inherent relationships to the lands openly endorse and support the actions of the various water protection and human rights camps located within the 1851 Treaty as valid and necessary to protecting Sacred Water for the future generations. We, The Descendants of Oglala Leaders and Headsmen, and Representatives of Oglala Tiospaye(s) na Tiwahe(s), recognizing our ancient Place of Honor in the Titunwan Circle, the same Circle The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, and the Rosebud Sioux Tribe gets itvalidity from, find our selves with no other recourse to encourage the continued action of the Water Protectors on 1851 Treaty land. We will also protect the people using any means necessary; negotiation, legal and physical if we must, for they are engaging in a Human Right, a Civic Right and Guarantee, and they are actively engaged in protecting the commons, something we should all do on a daily basis.

It must be stated that it has long been our practice to engage in thoughtful and creative action through “Prayer” that represents the need projected out 7 Generations; Grandchild to Grandparent”. We as Indigenous People and Tribes have practiced this model as long as we can remember; it has never failed us and has provided for the future generations beyond what any modern strategic planning model can ever do. This type of strategic engagement helps bring values to the surface of our conscience, in turn we are able to have and express deep understandings that allows for concepts such as “Mni Wiconi”, Water is Life as well as for – telling the Black Snake Prophecy. With this understanding the Descendants of Oglala Leaders and Headsmen, Representatives of Tiospaye(s) na Tiwahe(s) call on the Titunwan Oyate and the Oceti Sakowin to engage this model and continue the fight against the Dakota Access Pipe Line as well as other “Dirty Energy” projects that ultimately harm the future generations.

In closing, those Tribes who choose not to adhere to this model will do great harm to future generations and life on this planet, on Mother Earth. Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has chosen this route and we openly condemn their actions. They acted within our territory as part of the Oceti Sakowin and the Titunwan Oyate on grave and important matters without consulting us, this has seriously jeopardized our relationship and their loyalty to the indigenous ways is called in question. They shall correct this error soon or they will be requested by “We The People”, the Decendants of Oglala Leaders and Headsmen and Representatives of Tiwahe(s) na Tiospaye(s) to leave this Ancient Circle. Wopila, Hecetu Ye/Yelo.

Last Real Indians