Feb 18, 2017 - Defund DAPL National Conference Call Set: Learn how to run a Divestment Campaign

2/17/2017 – A National conference call has been set for February 21 where people can call in and hear from the organizers of Seattle’s successful campaign to divest over $3 billion from Wells Fargo due to its financial backing of the Dakota Access pipeline.

Seattle’s success has brought a tidal wave of energy from other cities, towns and Tribes looking to conduct similar campaigns. As Energy Transfer moves towards completion of the pipeline, now is the time to increase efforts to divest from banks affiliated with Energy Transfer Partners and the Dakota Access pipeline

What: National conference call to learn how to run divestment campaign
When: February 21st 2017
Time: 12:30 PM Pacific Standard Time
Dial in number: 319-527-2171
Hosts/speakers: Rachel Heaton, Matt Remle, Gyasi Ross, Edwin Lindo


Please read Guide to Divestment that includes general information about running a divestment campaign.

When people with no easy access to money take on big money, it’s always a hard, uphill battle. The side with lots of money can afford to take some losses and burn through resources in court proceedings that those without money cannot. Therefore, a variety of strategies are necessary to even the playing field: direct action, media pressure, shaming, etc. One such method that has worked when dealing with well-moneyed opposition is divestment.” ~Gyasi Ross (Blackfeet) & Matt Remle (Lakota)

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