Feb 12, 2017 - Waters Protectors Shut Down Wells Fargo & Interstate in Actions in WA State

February 11, 2017 Seattle WA – two major actions were held in Western Washington on Saturday opposing the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline.

In Seattle, following on the heels of its historic vote to divest $3 billion from Wells Fargo, a march and rally was held in its Capitol Hill neighborhood leading to the shutting down of the bank.

Following a rally sponsored by the LGBTQ community where speakers spoke out against Trump’s executive actions and attacks on immigrants, refugees and Native peoples, people took to the streets and marched to a Wells Fargo bank shutting it down.

The Seattle NoDAPL Coalition is currently working with numerous city’s, Tribes and other businesses on divestment efforts.

LRI’s Matt Remle leads marchers to Wells Fargo branch.

Wells Fargo shut down


Millie Kennedy rallies outside of Wells Fargo


In Bellingham WA, near the Canadian border, the Bellingham NoDAPL coalition stopped all traffic on Interstate 5. Over 100 people stopped traffic for over a hour before be removed by Washington State Patrol.


The Bellingham NoDAPL coalition is currently pushing to have its city divest from US Bank.

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