Nov 13, 2017 - Nooksack Tribe Hoping For Renewal

At long last, Nooksack tribal members are casting their ballots in a special election for four Tribal Council seats. The predominant feeling within Nooksack is hope that the Tribe can be renewed through the election.

“I’m excited about new people running for Council. This is our chance at change!” said Nooksack Tribal member Mimi Jimmy, who is not associated with the current administration or Nooksack 306. “Soon, we can finally move forward and start the healing and working together. Let’s raise each other up!”

After a November 4th Primary Election, in which ballots from 41% of eligible Nooksack voters were returned, Nooksacks are now voting by mail in the General Election that is scheduled to conclude on Saturday, December 2nd.

Four Tribal Council “incumbents” are facing a slate of challengers, who are running together on a platform of “positive change.”

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