Jan 9, 2017 - Mass DefundDAPL Action held to get Seattle to Divest from Wells Fargo

We’re taking it to where it hurts–that money!” ~Matt Remle (Lakota)

On January 5th, a mass action and rally was held at the Wells Fargo Center in Seattle, WA to protest the banks finical banking of the Dakota Access pipeline.

The action included organizing numerous Wells Fargo account holders to close their accounts and demand to talk to the branch manager to tell them why they were closing their accounts.

One long time Wells Fargo member closed her million dollar account.

Long time Wells Fargo member closes her sizable account.

As people closed their accounts drummers occupied the lobby leading Wells Fargo to shut down and the Seattle Police to lock down the entire Wells Fargo Center.

Paul Wagner inside Wells Fargo Center. Photo by Alex Garland


Photo by Alex Garland


Photo by Alex Garland

Seattle police lock down Wells Fargo Center. Photo by Alex Garland

The action continued as hundreds rallied outside featuring speakers, singers and a march. Speakers included Matt Remle, Gyasi Ross, Chad Charlie, Rose Stiffarm, Myron Dewey, Alec Connon, Rachel Heaton, Roxanne White and Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant.

Council member Sawant and Matt Remle spoke about a proposed ordinancethey worked on that, if passed, would divest the City of Seattle from its current banking relationship with Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo currently manages the city’s $3 billion a year employee payroll. Hearings on the proposed ordinance are scheduled to start in early February.

The action was co-organized by Seattle’s Native community and 350 Seattle.


Photo’s from DefundDAPL action

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