Jan 24, 2017 - BREAKING: Trump Signs Executive Actions to Advance Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines


January 24, 2017 Several news outlets, including NBC and NPR, are reporting that President Trump has signed executive actions today to advance the construction of the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines.

In a press statement Trump stated,  “This is with regard to the construction of the Keystone pipeline, something that has been in dispute, and subject to a renegotiation of terms by us. We’re going to renegotiate some of the terms and if they would like, we will see if we can get that pipeline built. A lot of jobs, 28,000 jobs. Great construction jobs.” in regards to the Keystone XL pipeline.

In regards to the Dakota Access pipeline, Trump stated, “With respect to the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Again, subject to terms and conditions to be negotiated by us.”

Dakota Access pipeline

In 2015, President Obama stopped the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, which seeks to transport Tar Sands crude oil from Tar Sands in Alberta to the Gulf Coast, after intense opposition from Native Americans and environmentalist by rejecting its permit.

In December 2016, the Army Corps of Engineers rejected a permit to the Dakota Access pipeline to cross the Missouri River pending an Environmental Impact Statement.

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by Wakíƞyaƞ Waánataƞ (Matt Remle- Lakota)

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