Sep 8, 2016 - Anti-Indian Racism Promotes Violence Against Water Protectors

Editors note: Since late July, anti-Indian racism has been amplified as news coverage of the battle over the Dakota Access pipeline has reached local and national media markets. At Last Real Indians, we’ve been flooded with people both sending in, and reporting on, vile and racist rants directed towards Native peoples. Many, subtly promoting and suggesting violence towards the water protectors. While not wanting to give these racists a platform to further spew their hate, we’ve largely ignored it, but with such a large number of people reporting and sending their experiences to us combined with the reality of actual violence that could stem from these individuals, or at least inspire others to commit violence ala Trump, we’ve decided to post a small handful of some of the comments that have been sent to us by readers in order to expose the vile anti-Indian racism surrounding the Dakota Access pipeline. We would like to further note that local and regional news outlets in North Dakota have largely ran anti-water protector pieces which only serve to further in-flame anti-Indian racism. -LRI editorial

Last Real Indians