Aug 29, 2016 - Spokane WA Passes Indigenous Peoples’ Day Resolution

I would hope the country could celebrate a day when Indigenous people, and people that have gone through so much, could have a voice.” Scyla Dowd (Inupiat)

On Monday August 29th, the Spokane City Council in Spokane, WA voted 6-1 to rename the Federal holiday ‘Columbus Day’ to ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Day’ for the city of Spokane. Supporters of the change, including citizens of the Spokane, Colville, and Nez Perce tribes, descended upon City Hall to express their opposition to Columbus Day and express why it was important to change the day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Spokane becomes the fourth city in Washington State to change to Indigenous Peoples’ Day following after Seattle, Bellingham and Olympia.

In 2014 the cities of Seattle and Minneapolis started a tidal wave of cities, and the state of Alaska, passing similar resolutions to abolish Columbus Day in favor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Prior to 2014, Berkeley, CA was the only city to have passed an Ingenious Peoples Day resolution. The State of South Dakota celebrates Native American Day.

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