Jun 28, 2016 - Coalition Petitions California’s State Board of Education to include Indigeneity and Colonialism into Curriculum

The Ethnic Studies Now Coalition is pushing the California State Board of Education to include Indigeneity and Colonialism into their new History-Social Science Framework, in addition to having them formally recognize the Indigenous peoples for whom lands the curriculum is being taught on.

The coalition will be presenting its recommendations to State Board of Education who will be meeting next week.

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1. Our first recommendation is for Chapter 14, p.425, line 648, to explicitly include four core concepts and academic language of Ethnic Studies, after “…a more complex understanding of the human experience”. ADDITION: “This understanding relates to student knowledge of the concepts of indigeneity, colonialism, cultural hegemony, and self-determination, as they have occurred throughout history and today”.

2. Our second recommendation is that these concepts be explicitly culturally relevant and responsive to students in Chapter 14, p.426, line 675, after “co-investigators in the inquiry process”. ADDITION: “This reflection of instructors and students’ own personal histories should be considerate of how the concepts of indigeneity, colonialism, cultural hegemony, and community cultural wealth, relate to their own ancestral legacies as historically situated human beings”.

3. Our third recommendation, is to respect the Ethnic Studies tradition of explicitly acknowledging the Indigenous peoples of the land where any course is taking place. We recommend adding a sentence in Chapter 14, p.427, line 692, before the following sentence: “Students can investigate the history of the experience of various ethnic groups within the United States…”. ADDITION: “In studying various ethnic groups, the Indigenous peoples of any area under academic investigation and of any land where a course is taking place (e.g. Miwok in Sacramento, Chumash in Santa Barbara, Kumeyaay in San Diego), are respectfully acknowledged as the original peoples of the community”.

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