Jun 10, 2016 - My Humble Observation & Opinion on why Native Peoples should not Drink Alcohol by Damon Corrie

Traditional Central, South American & Caribbean Amerindian hand-made & home made brews such as from Cassava, sweet potato or Corn are weak by comparison – and do not cause the addiction and Alcoholism that commercially made (and much stronger) Alcohol does – and THIS is the focus of my article; traditional brews are made for special occasions such as feasts/festivals and other communal celebrations and is a more sanctified substance.

ALCOHOL is not the harmless source of entertainment that we assume it to be…well if you nor anyone you know has never ‘become a different person’ under the influence of Alcohol…or actually become happier and more pleasant to be around (as you are normally an uptight miserable bitch or bastard) – then lucky for you! But if you know that you are a better human being when you are sober – then STOP DRINKING ALCOHOL. Stop saying – ‘it is not that easy’, or ‘it is very hard to conquer an addiction’…..you are making an excuse for yourself to use and setting yourself up to fail – so you can use it! Each of us has the power of our own free will to achieve any effect on our own beings that we truly desire….if you want to become a healer (a living medicine to yourself and others) and help others in person or from the other side of the world – you can….if you want to let yourself become – or continue to be – a slave to an addiction and be of no help to yourself or anyone else – you will! Your spirit must be the master of your body, your body must not become the master of your spirit.

But I notice this ‘no harm done’ effect is quite rare among native people – and I think this is because we are supposed to be closer to nature & therefore should be more ‘spiritual thinking’….recently I had to deal with a case of one such person who becomes a different person once they begin to consume alcohol, and when they ceased to be consciously awake I was able to focus my gaze on their Aura, then I noticed light entering and exiting the area of their forehead Eastern Peoples describe as the ‘3rd eye Chakra’ – which roughly corresponds to what anatomy describes as the ‘Pineal gland’ area in the center of our brain (itself still not completely explained or understood by science) that additives in tap water causes to become calcified and rendered less receptive to spiritual signals that are being emitted from nature all around us at all times….a clever way to induce a ‘mass spiritual disconnect’ as far as I see…and merely avoiding tap water does not help you, the same additives are in every junk drink, junk food and commercial bottled water you consume…they make it impossible for any urban person to escape their invisible and involuntarily administered ‘spiritual cloaking device’ on the populace….you can look around you and see the results of the kind of humanity they have created by doing this….little thought to spiritual matters – most urban humans are now preoccupied/fixated with earning money to continue to consume and discard relentlessly – for all the days of their now spiritually worthless lives.

Getting back to my prayer patient, not all light is holy, many an ancient text refer to the entity of negativity (we call it the Trickster) having the ability to appear as an Angel of light in order to deceive the spiritually unaware, the light entering this area of my patient corresponded to the patient talking nonsense in their sleep and moving erratically, and I had the distinct impression that the native patient (who is normally tranquil – but becomes aggressive and violent and foul mouthed with Alcohol in their system) was allowing them-self to literally become a puppet for a negative entity to control – once they consume Alcohol…it is like you lose your self-generated spiritual shield that safeguards your consciousness – or to put it in another way – you INVITE (by YOUR OWN action consuming it voluntarily) this unholy force to take control of you,…not everyone, but native peoples are SUPPOSED to be more spiritually conscious than non-native peoples, so whereas they can eat, drink Alcohol & be merry….native peoples usually CANNOT get off so lightly.

I think the Creator has a higher purpose for us native peoples than to become Alcoholics (this is what the Trickster wants us to become), this is why when we get drunk we tend to behave WORSE than others – and it effects us worse as well….it is like we are handing over our divine purpose to live as POSITIVE examples and lead the non-natives BACK to the kinds of spiritual truths and understanding that their own ancient native ancestors had – since they turned their backs on their own tribal true identities long ago – or had that ancestral wisdom connection beaten out of them by already spiritually dead human slave masters who replaced it with the slave-masters man-made religion.

Geronimo warned us that ‘everything has power’, our thoughts, our words, our actions, what we feed our physical bodies has an effect – a power – on our spiritual being…..how can you poison your body and expect your spirit to remain healthy?

No my brothers and sisters, let the spiritually dead bury the spiritually dead, but let the spiritually asleep awaken, and let the spiritually living be an example for the spiritually diseased and dying to follow back to the healing that exists within themselves.

When I made a vow to stop drinking alcohol in May 2013 on Harney Peak in the sacred Black Hills (after being taken there with my eldest son Hatuey by our Lakota brother Chase Iron Eyes) when I tied this prayer on to a tree with a red ribbon – I noticed afterwards a new spiritual awareness and received new spiritual abilities I did not think were logically possible before, but they are real, and I have been able to transform from being a poison in some peoples lives – to becoming a medicine in the lives of others instead …..and my experience can be yours as well. None of us is perfect, and I have never been described as a ‘saint’, but thank the Creator – forgiveness and blessings are there for all who genuinely seek them.

Of course, if you truly want to live a life of spiritual mediocrity, then by all means – continue drinking, but you might want to be remembered when you eventually die – as someone that was worthy of the life granted to him by the Creator….and you will not find your divine purpose in this life in the bottom of any beer can or liquor bottle….no matter how many times you look there for it.

By Damon Corrie

Last Real Indians