May 9, 2016 - Fighting to Protect the Trinity River: Lifeblood of Hupa Culture and Subsistence

Since time immemorial, the Trinity River has been the lifeblood of Hupa culture and subsistence.  In 1964, the river was dammed by the U.S. Interior Department (Bureau of Reclamation) and “surplus” water began to be pumped into the Sacramento River where the water was used to supply Central Valley farms over 400 miles away.

Since the dam was built the Hupa people have been fighting to protect water rights, cultural traditions, and tribal sovereignty.

The Trinity River is remains a key part of Hupa culture.  Just like the Hupa people’s ancestors, they still rely on fishing, hunting and gathering to sustain their families.

Supply Creek Restoration Video:

By Vivenna Orcutt

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