Apr 25, 2016 - People Over Pipelines: Runners Relay to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

For months, both Native and non-Native peoples in the Midwest have been battling the construction of the Dakota Access/Bakken pipeline, a project that will go from North Dakota to Illinois and cross the 12,000 year old Missouri River, which is the main water resource for millions of people.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is making the final decision on whether or not to issue the last permit that Dakota Access, LLC needs to construct the Dakota Access/Bakken pipeline on May 4th, 2016.

We, People Over Pipelines, are organizing a SPIRIT RELAY RUN from Cannon Ball, ND to the office of the Army Corps of Engineers in Omaha, NE, to deliver the message to the Army Corps that we resist a pipeline crossing beneath sacred water needed for life.

The run will be approximately 500 miles and take about a week, with the runners passing off the run to one another, relay style.

Please, donate to our cause to help supply the runners with enough water & food along their route. This is a BIG TASK and we need all the help that we can get.

The proposed Dakota Access Pipeline, backed by Texas based Energy Transfer Partners, is a 1,168-mile, 30-inch diameter pipeline that would carry Bakken crude from western North Dakota to a distribution hub Illinois on route for refinement in the Gulf Coast.


If built, the Dakota Access Pipeline would transport as much as 450,000 barrels of oil per day with a future capacity of 570,000 barrels per day.

Proposed route of the Dakota Access pipeline.

The proposed pipeline has drawn fierce opposition from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, farmers, private land owners and environmentalist.

On April 1st, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe established a Spirit Camp along the proposed route of the Dakota Access Pipeline and have vowed to remain there until the pipeline is stopped.

Sign petition to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline here


by Wakíƞyaƞ Waánataƞ (Matt Remle)

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