Mar 21, 2016 - Democrats gather to caucus in South Dakotas Capitol, selecting multiple Oceti Sakowin Women as delegates for Bernie Sanders by Allison Renville

The wonderful weather of South Dakota is nothing to mess with, unless of course you’re on your way to caucus for Bernie Sanders. This weekend across Dakota Territory native delegates represented for their South Dakota tribe and from both sides of the democratic table. All coming together for the greater cause of selecting 14 people to go to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, plus 2 alternates. All while joining an allegiance of other voters and enthusiasts determined to make their voices heard, to be a part of a revolution we millennials could only see in old documentaries.

Days of fighting for civil rights and or experiencing the American Indian Movement, are only stories and experiences we hear about when the radical kunsis’ think we weren’t listening. Our modern day fights against climate change and big banks, are a general example of the acts thrusting us into a desolate future depicted in B movies from the 80s.

While Indian Country has had some major light shown on the struggles we face during President Obamas’ two term administrations, the momentum that is being created by the Bernie Sanders Campaign is something unprecedented.

First Nations lawyer and activist Tara Houska, who was appointed to advise the Senator on Tribal Affairs, can now be heard resonating through the candidates’ speeches as he rallies across Indian Country. Writer and Attorney Gyasi Ross, Standing Rocks own Chase Iron Eyes and even Native Lyricist and Rapper RedCloud can be found online advocating for their choice, all of whom have a large following on social media.

Non-Natives and Natives alike are ready to stand together and take on this catastrophe we call a primary election. Saturday in Pierre in a room crowded with people, the energy and enthusiasm for both candidates was there. Majority of the showing was for Senators Bernie Sanders, a mix of people who believed in every aspect of his vision for our country.

Some focused on the environmental issues, others voiced concerned for our education system and all addressed this revolution we hashtag when we #FeelTheBern. It was an amazing experience, and I’m more than excited to see (4) Native American women (Allison Renville, Sisseton, Allie Moran of Cheyenne River, Sierra Wolcott of Sisseton & Monica Hale Turtle Mountain) elected to attend the National Convention this July.


Photo courtesy of the South Dakota democratic party’s Facebook page

This movement of Indigenous involvement is still in its beginning stages, we still have time throughout the country to get registered to vote and out there caucusing. With many tribal nations yet to vote in their home states, the option to make a “YUGE” difference is still here.

It’s up to us to secure our nation, we cannot let our country be handed over on a silver platter to Donald Trump and the Republican Party. It’s our time, we need to get registered and encourage each and every person of voting age to get involved. We won’t have another opportunity again if we don’t take this chance!

I’ll be seeing you guys on the trail, and you can look out for me in Philadelphia. So now go! You can do this! Get registered to vote, get involved. We know you can make this change, we all believe in.

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