Mar 18, 2016 - Hundreds March to Protest Police Shooting of Native Woman

On March 16th, hundreds marched from the Puyallup Tribal Administration building to the U.S. District courthouse in downtown Tacoma, WA to protest the recent shooting of 33-year old Puyullup tribal member Jacqueline Salyers.


March 16th rally for Jacqueline Salyers Photo by Dean J. Koepfler The News Tribune

On January 28th, Tacoma police shot and killed Jacqueline Salyers, who was also pregnant.  According to Tacoma Police Department spokesperson Loretta Cool, she stated that on the night on January 28th, officers were in the area searching for a Kenneth Wright Jr, who was wanted for outstanding warrants involving first degree-robbery, unlawful possession of a firearm and delivery of a controlled substance.  She states that two officers recognized Wright as a passenger of a parked vehicle, exited their vehicle and approached the parked car.

The family and eyewitnesses dispute the events the transpired leading to the death of Salyers.

Cool states, “The driver (later identified as Jacqueline Salyers) stepped on the gas, and accelerated toward the officers.  One of the officers fired at and hit the driver.”  According to the family Salyers, eyewitnesses stated that the officers approached the vehicle from behind then began to shoot.  The witnesses further stated they never heard the officers identify themselves prior to the shooting.

In front of the U.S. District courthouse on Wednesday, the family called for the officers to be charged in Salyers’ death and for the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate.

Puyallup community rally for justice.

Jacqueline Salyers family has started a Facebook page Justice For Jackiewhere more information can be found.

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