Dec 20, 2016 - Indigenous Peoples’ Day Resolution Adopted by the Kent School District

On December 14th, the Kent School Board in Kent, WA voted to adopt a resolution naming the second Monday in October, the Federal holiday Columbus Day, Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Theresa Lockrem, KSD Native American Academic and Cultural Liaison, who supported the proposed resolution stated, “Native Americans, because of the traumatic history surrounding Columbus Day and the massacre of their people at the hands of Columbus et. al, cannot accept the day to honor him. Instead, highlighting the [Indigenous] First Peoples’ of this land has been a long overdue acknowledgement. In keeping with the spirit of this sentiment, the KSD School Board voted to accept the resolution to recognize and honor the Indigenous people every second Monday in October.”

The Kent School District joins a growing movement of local jurisdictions opting to rename Columbus Day, Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Member of the Kent School Board meet with Native families, staff and community members.


Matt Remle, Theresa Lockrem and Sondra Segundo-Cunningham at school board hearing.

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