Oct 14, 2016 - The Mis-Education System by Damon Corrie


The MIS-Education System is to blame for our collective DISTORTED perceptions of reality. We consider someone a ‘success’ based on purely academic and economic criteria…how many University degrees they have and/or how much money they have…because this is how we were MIS -educated to perceive and measure ‘success’.

But let me show you the folly of this twisted non-spiritual way of thinking:

Our wisest holy men & women had (and tend to not still) NO University degrees and NO money, yet our most ‘highly educated’ and ‘richest Billionaires’ are mere fools by comparison to our wisdom teachers…..yet we idolize the fools and hail them as being ‘examples of success’ and overlook the wise ones.

We think nothing of a fisherman or farmer…yet it is the fishermen and farmers who feed the REST of us and keep us ALIVE…..instead we foolish mis-educated humans think that a criminal defense attorney like a Bob Shapiro or a Johnny Cochran – are ‘highly successful role models’…and what is the MAIN thing that gave them their claim to fame? The ability to LIE CONVINCINGLY in a Court of law and get their clients off the hook (whether their clients were innocent or guilty it mattered not to them – as long as they could pay their high fees)…so we look UP to Liars but look down on those doing honest hard-working jobs that humanity depends on….and we do not see the ignorance in that?

Examine the folks we are conditioned to view as ‘examples/pillars of success’…..you will find NONE who have given away most of the wealth they acquired to others, only some who give a minor percentage away (even Bill Gates retains most of his money for himself even though his minor contributions of his largess seem like fantastic amounts to us) – but retain the majority for themselves and their unnecessarily lavishly ostentatious lifestyles, with luxury car collections, luxury yachts, private jets, multiple needlessly large houses in various countries around the world, etc, etc….and because we ourselves are insatiably greedy bastards we want to pretend that ‘there is nothing wrong with living like that’…some of us even believe the fantastic lie that ‘God wants us to live like that’…..in order to justify our own deep dark GREED and self-centered EGO dominated & driven – useless existence…..


Why do I say USELESS? Because you have been LOANED one lifetime now by the Creator to accumulate SPIRITUAL riches (aka ‘good deeds’) that no thief can steal nor rust corrode, in order to PROVE YOUR WORTH and legitimacy to be able to call yourself a ‘child of God’…..yet look at what you have done for others in your life, have you helped your parents who brought you into this world as much as you could have? Have you helped your siblings as much as you could have? Have you helped your own children as much as you could have? Have you helped other relatives, friends and strangers in need as much as you could have? Or have you been focused on helping your own SELF without a care nor concern for anyone or anything else all your life?

How often (if ever) have you said…I was going to spend this money on myself, but I know so & so needs it more than me – so I will DEFER my own desires – in order to satisfy another human beings actual needs…. how many honestly do this – and not rarely – but regularly?

Have you used your tongue to speak works of encouragement, wisdom, prayers and positive vibrations to other human beings and other life forms? Or have you spent your life using your tongue to slander, gossip about and insult others and see how many other people’s bodily orifices you could insert it into? And you feel no shame and disgust at such an ungodly waste of human DNA that your life exemplifies?


By your demented perception of success and the meaning and purpose of life (indoctrinated into you by ‘the education system’ by and large)….the Billionaire Banksters are ‘examples of success’ because they are filthy (literally) rich AND all of them are ‘highly educated’ (no-one gets to the top of the banking industry without a University education)…yet these wicked clique that are running (and ruining) our world and destroying BILLIONS of lives year in and year out ……do you see the folly of your misguided and incredibly distorted value system now?


Should not COMMON SENSE and a drop of SPIRITUAL AWARENESS not tell you that a higher and truer measure of success SHOULD be whether this human being lives a spiritually MORAL life, is GENEROUS, KINDHEARTED, LOVING, HUMBLE, TRUSTWORTHY and HONEST (so NOT like Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton lol) – and THESE kinds of people – TRUE sons & daughters of God – should be who we look up to as ‘role models’ in the sea of humanity!

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