Jan 12, 2016 - An Important Lesson About Suicide You Need to Read and Remember by Damon Corrie

My brother from another mother Joseph Chin (former High School classmate, and present mentor & fellow light worker) has a very important lesson to teach us about Suicide:

“I know that Suicide is a touchy subject to most everyone, and in this country, it seems to be out of reach for a lot of people to understand the reasons. I can only put my spin on this subject, and see if it ignites any imagination for helping. Many may take offense, because accepting responsibility is something we tend to run from.

Suicide, they say, stems from Hopelessness. Where does hopelessness come from? It is a taught symptom. It’s taught to us from our parents. The constant arguing that you aren’t any good, you make bad choices, the lack of love, lack of guidance, lack of good moral skills. f these were all the parents were taught, how could they teach anything else? But this generation, it has been amplified, as the little skills that the parents were taught were passed down, with even less skill.

Teaching in this manner, only leaves the kids, with no positive information to use in their minds to make a better choice.

Passing on skills and thought patterns that allow a child to think, and be part of the solution to any problem, gives them self esteem, and the better ability to make better choices. This makes them become more responsible. This is what parenting is.

We as parents are the only major source of these skills to our kids, and if we expect our kids to be better than us, then it’s all on us to be better examples to them. If we leave this task to anyone else, what we are telling them, is that they are not worth our time, and effort, and they only learn, that they aren’t any good to anyone. Why would anyone want to live, when the people who brought you into this world, don’t love you enough to be responsible?

But yes, they are those who can see that there is a better way, and push themselves to go search, learn, become better. Those are the ones who find self worth. They are few, but they are some of the best shapers of this earth. Their focus, and intent, is far more advanced. Blessings to them.

Stop!!!!!!!!! there is no need to become defensive, and saying that “I” came out fine, even though……. In these days, there are Many, Many, MANY more influences out there for our kids, which means that the old days of parenting has changed. The days when you were parented by the whole neighborhood, is long gone. The respect we had for each other, long gone… The respect we had for people of the law… Long gone… the time when society respected even their surroundings…. Long gone.

Parenting has changed….. We need to work on ourselves first… To be better versions of ourselves, as lessons for our kids… They hold us on that pedestal, let’s not disappoint them.. BECOME BETTER. And they will follow.”

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