Not saying the Japanese military were innocent angels, but I AM saying comparing what they did to the USA – with what the USA did to Japan, America is by far the bigger/worse aggressor between the two in their war against each other. Americans cannot condemn Nazis for executing 10 civilians for every 1 Nazi killed by anti-Nazi partizans on the one hand – then conveniently overlook the FACT that the USA killed over 100 Japanese civilians in retaliation for every 1 American military person the Japanese killed at Pearl Harbor! When you Americans point a finger at your enemies ‘evil’ deeds…remember that 3 of your own fingers are pointing back at you! Admit to your OWN evil deeds – from the very creation of your political nation state with the slaughter of the native people’s on who’s lands you stole to create it – to the fact that YOU (the USA) has INVADED more countries than ANY other nation in modern history….and you are the ONLY country that has been at war (either at home or abroad) FOR EVERY SINGLE DECADE SINCE THE USA CAME INTO EXISTENCE… obviously have a SERIOUS frigging problem with some ‘warmongering disease’ that far exceeds any other political nation in existence….try to get some kind of national collective therapy for it – maybe implement a national ‘lets atone for our sins and try to avoid repeating them’ – academic course from Kindergarten to University….before you unleash misery on the next country that does not bow down to your will.

Today as we remember the American attack on the Japanese city of Nagasaki which killed 39,000 CIVILIANS instantly – and another 41,000 in the following months from radiation poisoning in ….,which was needlessly done 3 days after the Atomic bombing of the Japanese city of Hiroshima – which killed 90,000 CIVILIANS instantly – and another 76,000 in the following months from radiation poisoning…..I want YOU to be cognizant of these important FACTS:

#1 – The Japanese flew OVER the American civilian city of Honolulu without harming it – and instead attacked an American MILITARY target (Pearl Harbor) where they ONLY killed 2,403 Americans – the vast majority of whom were members of the American military.

#2 – The American trials held in American military occupied Japan after Japan surrendered – and America began the process of turning the Japanese into imitation Americans (as most still are to this day) determined this ONE Japanese military attack on an American military target to be ‘A WAR CRIME’ ! ‘Because Japan did not formally declare war on the USA before they attacked’.

#3 – YET – The Americans do NOT consider their TWO military attacks on two Japanese CIVILIAN CITIES that slaughtered over 246,000 Japanese babies, men, women, children & elderly – to be ‘war crimes’…..well the hypocrite Americans might not (because like the self-described ‘God’s chosen people’ Zionists – they can do no wrong in their own eyesight)…but the Geneva Convention that outlines what the rules of ‘civilized’ warfare ARE for EVERY country on Earth DOES CONSIDER THE AMERICAN ATOMIC BOMBINGS OF THESE TWO JAPANESE CITIES TO BE ‘WAR CRIMES’ …….but you will never see an American President standing trial like the rest of us in the world – for they think themselves (like the so-called ‘God’s chosen people’ – to be ABOVE any law that does not suit them).

#4 – If you have any MORALS you will know that no excuse in the world can justify slaughtering two civilian cities in retaliation for ONE attack on your military target – because ‘you want to cause the surrender of that country’, Japan was ruled by an Emperor who was a ‘living God’ to most Japanese, why not drop a bomb on the Imperial Palace and wipe out the entire Japanese Royal Family? It would have been a few hundred people killed instead of 246 THOUSAND! Without their ‘God’ to give them orders – the Japanese morale would have collapsed (most Emperor worshiping fanatics may have committed suicide in their grief), and since he was also the defacto military leader of Japan who gave the Japanese Imperial Army Generals and Navy Admirals their final orders – the Emperor would have been a legitimate military target.

What limited level of intelligence could ANY person POSSIBLY have to be able to say with a straight face that the American Atomic bombing of Japan was ‘justified’ and ‘civilized’? Only the same caliber of cultural supremacist mongrels who do NOT value the life of other peoples & cultures who do not belong to their culture would think this way….probably the same kind of human excrement that celebrated when CNN broadcast the bombing of Baghdad live, not caring that tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis were getting obliterated just because America wanted to get rid of Saddam and his military (both of which they armed and equipped in the first place when he was a useful tool to them against Iran).

Now today, we are being led to believe that ‘evil Iran’ and ‘evil Russia’ and ‘Evil China’ with ‘Evil North Korea’ are going to use Nuclear weapons on us one day….well they MIGHT…or they MIGHT NOT (the USA certainly will have to ‘Karmically’ reap what it has sown in the world ONE day)…..but the only FACT we know for sure – is that YOU – AMERICA – are the ONLY country on the face of the Earth that HAS used nuclear weapons on innocent civilians in a city destroying genocidal manner….NOT Russia, Iran, China or North Korea!

Although I am sure if anyone ever so much as explodes a mere ‘dirty nuke’ suitcase nuclear device in one of YOUR American cities (which cannot ‘wipe it off the map’ just contaminate a small part of it) – your government and people will be hysterical in trying to portray it as ‘the WORST terrorist attack’ and ‘crime against humanity’ that EVER occurred in human history….completely forgetting that you – AMERICA – ALREADY have the record for committing the worst terrorist attack and crime against humanity EVER COMMITTED IN ALL OF RECORDED HUMAN HISTORY!

Last Real Indians