Jul 31, 2015 - Help Support the #Lakota57

Fundraising efforts are currently underway to help support the #Lakota57.   The #Lakota57 are students from the American Horse School on the Pine Ridge Reservation who were taken to Rapid City to a minor league hockey game earlier this year to celebrate their academic achievements.

At the game the children were subjected to racial harassment including having beer poured on them.  Only one of the perpetrators faces criminal charges.  If found guilty, Trace O’Connell, would be convicted of disorderly conduct and fined $500 and avoiding hate crime charges, a jury, and jail time.

Several efforts are currently underway to help support the #Lakota57 and their families.

The Urban Native Era, who are a collective of youth striving to create a vision and a voice for the 7th generation of Native America, are currently taking per-orders for a “Protect the Lakota 57” t-shirt and print.   The Urban Native Era states “In support of the #Lakota57 and as a call to justice for the students impacted, Urban Native Era is excited to release our latest piece of artwork.”

100% of the profit will go to www.Lakota57.com

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