Jul 13, 2015 - CARPE DIEM – Natives Must be Ready to Take Advantage of Our Enemies When They Weaken Each Other by War by Damon Corrie



While I disagree with the current actions of Venezuela towards Guyana, I AM able to see the issue from PART of their perspective…namely – when the 1899 ‘agreement’ was reached between Venezuela and the UK – the UK was militarily powerful (and still OWNING Guyana) and Venezuela was militarily weak, now Venezuela is militarily powerful and Guyana is militarily weak …and much of Latin America will join Venezuela in a war against the UK if the UK should decide to come to Guyana’s rescue (Latin America is already hostile towards the UK over the Malvinas/Falkland Islands issue…and Latin America as a block is stronger TODAY in military terms- whilst the UK is weaker today in military terms)…..sure the UK has some nuclear weapons, but that means nothing, there is no way in hell the UK will strike any country in Latin America with it’s nuclear weapons, America MIGHT be more likely to behave like that…but not even they would do so in ‘their own’ Hemisphere – in my opinion (too much human and economic ties with the USA and Latin America – more valuable that the ‘special relationship’ with the UK)….as they can’t rule over – or extract the mineral plunder from a radioactive graveyard…they much prefer to put puppet regimes that do the bidding of the USA in place instead.

When a bully in his 3rd year school gets an ‘agreement’ with a small boy in his first year for the smaller boy to give him his lunch money every day, that ‘agreement’ WILL hold for as long as the smaller boy is the weaker of the two, but let the day come when that ‘smaller boy’ buffs up and becomes stronger than the bully – that ‘agreement’ becomes null & void in the mind of the once weaker boy.

Rightly or wrongly – Venezuela sees the UK as the ‘bully’ of the 1899 agreement and now that it no longer fears the ‘bully’ – is it ready to fight back…..and the fact that the Venezuela economy is in it’s death throes and not even the divine resurrection of Hugo Chavez can save it – also portends (as ‘polytricks’ is wont to do) to a great ‘national diversionary scape-goating’ of the ‘Zone in Reclamation’ issue (2/3 of Guyana basically)….every populist seeks to divert public anger from himself and his regimes failures and channel it into some cause they can inflate into almost mythic ‘importance in the hearts of the people to the motherland/fatherland’….have ya’ll not learned anything from the last 100 years of human history?

On a certain level I cannot say I oppose the willingness to ‘turn the tables’ and ignore ‘agreements’ – if those agreements were NOT made by two EQUALS, as for example – many a neo-colonial government (such as the USA and Canada) has made ‘agreements’ with native peoples AFTER militarily defeating them (that is NOT an ‘agreement made between equals’…and even then they STILL broke ALL these ‘agreements’ whenever it suited them), so if/when the day comes that the native people in question has the golden opportunity to ‘settle old scores’ and turn tables on the oppressor – I for one counsel the young angry men to ‘carpe diem’ and “rise-up against them up now if you have the chance – or you will never recover your freedom”….you think if a disaster suddenly kills 90% of the non-natives in this Hemisphere in our lifetimes (in any country) that we the native men of this generation would still see the surviving remnant non-natives as ‘our government’ or our ‘rulers’ (not that we do now – but we have to play along with your authority as you have the de-facto armed power over us – for now)…..but the second your cities are in ruins and you are starving and turning on each other….don’t for one second fool yourself that we wont eliminate any and every vestige of your hated rule over us for all these centuries and take back OUR freedom by force. ..and we’ll give YOU the option to live in peace on your own on some piece of our lands you are already inhabiting (and polluting) – never again will we allow you to even think that you have any authority OVER us! And any who try to ‘contain’ us again – will be killed….you had YOUR day, we’ve been patiently waiting for ours for over 500 years – and we intend to have it by any means necessary EVENTUALLY.

However, in this SPECIFIC case of Venezuela/Guyana land dispute…both governments lose sight of the most important fact of all…this land you are fighting over belongs to NEITHER OF YOU – it belongs to the Amerindians whom your ancestors came here and stole it from or inherited the previous theft of it by the Europeans who brought your ancestors here and trained them before they left them in charge of their ‘Neo-Colonial Nation State Political Plantations’…and we consider our OWN traditional Tribal leaders as OUR ‘legitimate’ governments on our tribal territories – not any of you lot, not yesterday, not today, not tomorrow – not EVER.

We hope the new Guyana government will FINALLY treat our Amerindian Tribal Nations with the respect and legal recognition of our complete local autonomy in our own territories – and I would be the first to welcome such a GENUINE BROTHERHOOD OF EQUALS…as anything less is to exhibit an attitude that flouts international Human Rights Laws and tries to continue the work of subjugation began by Columbus and reduce us native peoples to the status of ‘vassals of the state’- which will therefore compel young leaders like me to CONTINUE to RESIST it!

We give the new government time and our heartfelt hope that it will truly bring this equitable change we have longed for – for so many centuries, but only time will tell if our dream for a lasting peace WHICH CAN ONLY BE DELIVERED VIA TRUE JUSTICE will finally come true…or we will once again see political promises turn into lies and disappointments for our peoples inherent and undeniable rights as the first nations of these lands – with the RIGHT to self-government.

Last Real Indians