In Japan last year there were no fatal police shootings, in Germany there were three, and in the UK last year there was just one fatal police shooting. And in the US during the same time period? Over 400 fatal police shootings. If you live in the US, you are roughly 100 times more likely to be killed by the police than if you live in the UK. You are literally living in a police state. Would you like to use the excuse that ‘America has a much bigger population than those other countries’ as your excuse? Ok well let us be clear, USA = 322 million, Japan 126 million, Germany 80 million, and UK 64 million…..do you know anything about ‘statistical averages’? Ok let me help you – well if the USA’s average of 400 was ‘normal’ for population size – why did Japan with roughly 40% of Americas population not have 40% of the fatal police killing rate – which ‘should’ be 160…yet not a SINGLE one…what exactly IS your problem America? Easy access to guns, or too many racial groups that dislike each other at a subconscious level? OR BOTH? Because Japan has NO easy access to guns and only ONE main racial group with an insignificant percentage of other races……..then again the UK is almost just as racially diverse as the USA with the only main difference of no easy access to guns…so perhaps the anti-gun lobby has a point there.

Are there more criminals in the USA in its population than every other country? Because not only are your Police seemingly ‘trigger-happy’ – your criminals are too….why do you think that is? Could the TWO factors I highlight be the reason?

Personally I neither focus on guns as being the SOLE reason (Switzerland is armed to the teeth – has virtually no gun crime – but is basically a one race society like Japan, with insignificant amounts of other races)…..and I know several Amerindian tribes (one race societies) that are bristling with guns of all kinds – and yet no gun violence among themselves.

You cannot focus on ‘gun availability’ as the sole excuse for the problems in the USA, we must face the truth – that only a MINORITY of human beings are culturally ‘colorblind’ and just see ‘other human beings like themselves in every hue’….unfortunately the MAJORITY of human beings do NOT feel the same love for other races/skin hues/ethnicities different to themselves…they may pretend or try to live with it….but just get them to loose their temper (via intoxication is a clever way – for a drunken mind reveals what a sober mind conceals) and the TRUTH of how they feel/think about other ethnic groups of peoples is quickly revealed.

This is something that WAR is also good at exposing (albeit in the most dangerous circumstances imaginable – because then racists get to kill the kinds of people they hate/resent and usually get away with it)….for as I was telling my Army veteran Taino sister a few days ago when I said: “as ugly as war is – it reveals what peacetime allows a human to conceal of his or her true nature”….

We cannot discount the ‘discipline & training before ownership’ (as Switzerland implements) as being another factor lacking in the USA that SHOULD be a pre-requisite for gun ownership, I have myself (as a mere tourist visiting the USA) walked out of a store (that also sold clothes, and toys) with a rifle and ammo at the age of 19, I could have started killing people in the parking lot if I was a terrorist….surely something is NOT right when it is THAT easy to buy a gun and ammunition – with no proof that I was trained to use it, or mentally fit to own a gun etc…not even proof that I lived anywhere in the USA, just cash and carry.

I agree that an armed society is least likely to be invaded by another country (as Switzerland knows), and this will be the ONE thing in Americas favor…if any other country ever makes the mistake of trying to invade it…but that is still just a theoretical possibility – but in the meanwhile America is continuing to suffer the effects of gun violence as a daily REALITY.

I do not think we will EVER see a truly homogeneous multi-ethnic society anywhere on Earth, at best the majority will ‘tolerate’ people who look different to them – among them, but ‘racial tensions’ will continue to ‘ferment’ under the surface of most human beings skin….just waiting for an external visual trigger to release it’s ugly ‘effervescence’ in a violent way…..it is the lingering effects of ‘kith and kin’…you see someone looking like you being harmed and you tend to take the side of the one who resembles you – without knowing all the facts of who started it & who is right for defending them-self & who is wrong for throwing the first blow (we also see people who comment after the fact taking ‘racial sides’ – defending the participant that resembles them for reasons of perceived visual ethnic kinship alone) ….these behaviors are all the evidences I need to point to subconscious racism being deeply ingrained in every human being of every hue,,,not ALL of us thankfully, but definitely the MAJORITY of us unfortunately.

Switzerland – not perfect – but as far as ‘gun happy’ countries go, with 3 million guns for 8 million citizens – it still considers gun violence to be rare – not daily occurrences like in the USA….big difference? The SWISS have far more DISCIPLINE and far less inter-ethnic friction.

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