A lil story about my hair, I always wanted to have long hair, tried to grow it out once before, but got frustrated during the ‘still unmanageable’ phase and cut it…..but for years I would dream I had long hair and I would be so excite and happy, sometimes to the point of waking up to find out that it was ‘just a dream’ and a tear literally coming to my eyes from sheer disappointment….if you are the kind of person that can’t relate to this pride and joy and spiritual bliss of long hair – you won’t get it…to people like you ‘it is just hair – no big deal’…..the end result of many centuries of spiritual disconnect at the hands of spiritually dead/dying people who seek to reduce you to their level of lingering spiritual death, no spiritually alive & connected native of the Americas would cut their hair for ‘style’…it is too sacred to be desecrated by such low personal whims and fancies….and why I shall never cut mine ever again…..there is a reason why all our best known spiritual teachers had long hair, Jesus, Krishna, Black Elk, Zoroaster,…even Muhammad was not a bald head or close cropped hair man, and Buddha (despite the bald head fat slob image you have of him today – and the deliberate Mis-direction of ‘shaved heads’ that entered into the ‘organised religion’ of Buddhism via human written ‘doctrine’ AFTER he died , was a slim long haired MONGOLOID from Nepal – not an Indo-Aryan from India.

Notice (all yee religiously deceived followers of other men’s ‘religious’ doctrines) that Jesus ALSO likely had pieced ears, in your deep state of ‘European version Christianity’ brainwashing you will not want to accept this, but YES your own Jesus probably had pierced ears and wore earrings (as a youth at the very least if not all his life)…in graves of Hebrew males in the period Jesus lived earrings have almost always been found, it was normal for men & women to wear earrings and BOTH to have long hair in the time of Jesus…so you only exhibit your own historical IGNORANCE when you rely on Paul’s anti-long hair crap teachings – and look at a long haired ear-pierced man like me and shake your head saying I am ‘ungodly’ in appearance….no my ‘friend’…it is YOU who are UNGODLY in your lack of historical knowledge….don’t pray for ME…go pray for your own SELF….you need intelligence badly – and it might only come to YOU via a miracle.

As I TRY to tell IGNORANT people…’Jesus’ (because even that name is false – no letter ‘J’ exists in Hebrew so there NEVER was ANY person called ‘Jesus’…’Yeshu’ is correct (not ‘Yeshua’ which is feminine)…and you probably did not even know that either…..believing wholeheartedly in a book edited by Europeans almost 1700 years ago will tend to leave you stupid like that….do your research – SEEK the truth, do not be ever content with the Council of Nicea’s LIES.

This is from the JEWISH Encyclopedia:

“A ring or hook passed through the lobe of the ear. ‘Earrings’, so widely used by Eastern peoples, have no particular (specific) designation in Hebrew. The word is applied to both the ornament for the ear and that for the nose; so that when this term occurs in the Bible, it may mean either. When the writer wished to specify, he added the word to indicate earrings, or to indicate noserings. The word (“stringed ornament”), the equivalent of the Arabic “naẓm,” induces one to suppose that the primitive form of the ear-pendants was a string of pearls, beads, etc., of a globular form. It is perhaps this shape which is indicated by the word (lit. “drops,” Judges viii. 26). The references in Ex. xxxii. 2 and Judges l.c. to earrings of gold, show at the same time that there also existed earrings of other materials. It was not until the time of Ezekiel that earrings acquired a circular form, and were then called (Ezek. xvi. 12). It is true that this word occurs also in Num. xxxi. 50, but there is nothing to indicate that it means “earrings.” The passage in Exodus proves that earrings were worn by women and by the youth of both sexes.
Earrings seem to have been regarded by most middle Eastern nations as sacred things—some scholars even suggest as amulets—for the sons of Jacob surrendered their earrings with the idols which Jacob afterward concealed under the oak-tree (Gen. xxxv. 4). The Targum and the Samaritan version of the Pentateuch always translate by (Syriac, “ḳadasha”), which Buxtorf (“Lex. Rab.” s.v. ) supposes to mean “the ornament consecrated to Astarte”; but there is no proof that this belief in the sacredness of earrings was current among the ancient Hebrews. If the word , occurring in Isa. iii. 20, A. V., really means “earrings,” the latter are so called because, these ornaments being suspended from the ears, they are figuratively looked upon as whispering to the wearer.”

This is why as a traditionalist indigenous man – I have no personal problem with the teachings of Jesus…he was a long haired Tribal member just like me that taught out in the wilderness surrounded by the natural world, not in buildings made by men’s hands…and he never told ANYONE (go try to find ANY quote in the New Testament where Jesus said to ‘attend Church once a week) to gather weekly and conduct rituals invented by other people in his name, I easily separate his truths – which are the same as the spiritual truths our own teachers gave us….from the lies inserted by organised religions falsely in his name and used as a control tool to destroy our own natural born spiritual connection.

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