Apr 18, 2015 - ‘Genius’ or even ‘Intelligence” is All Relative by Damon Corrie

GENIUS or even ‘INTELLIGENCE’ is all relative…..if I take our best hunter from the reservation to a Nuclear facility – he will be an idiot compared to the people who work there – not being familiar or knowledgeable about ANYTHING he sees……likewise if I take an ‘Albert Einstein’ (or any still living ‘genius’ equal or greater than him by IQ score) to the jungles anywhere – he would be an idiot to the people who live and work in it – not being familiar or knowledgeable about anything he sees.

Formal education gives you the very FALSE impression that you are ‘smarter’ than someone else who cannot do the things you can do as good as you can……but formal education does not teach you that tables can be turned according to the circumstances and you who think you are so ‘educated’ will become a complete fool in an unfamiliar environment.

You are NOT better than that guy in the tribe who can’t read or write or speak English very well just because YOU can do so, he can look at an animal’s tracks and tell you what kind of animal made it, how long ago that track was made, the size and approximate weight of the animal that made it, where that animal is likely to be in the environment depending on the time of day (sleeping in a hollow log, or foraging for food etc.), what it feeds on, where the things it feeds on can be found, where it sleeps, whether it travels alone or in groups, how it sounds, how it smells, whether it’s strength is in it’s sight or hearing or body, what its spoor looks like – and the age of it as well, what time of the year it breeds and gives birth, what kind of ammunition to use to kill it, how to clean it, how to cook it, etc. etc…..this ‘uneducated’ hunter is a GENIUS at hunting (and fishing & farming as well) and can provide for himself and his family with ease without depending on anyone else…but all the diplomas and degrees in the world do not afford YOU that same freedom he enjoys…because YOU have to find someone willing to give you a job that will allow you to use YOUR skills to earn a living…..so when ‘socio-economic’ catastrophe’s hit urban human society and currencies lose value and unemployment and crime soars …..YOU will be struggling to survive (and are more likely NOT to survive) – but this ‘uneducated’ rural hunter/fisherman/farmer will STILL be eating heartily and living a life of normalcy when your cities lay in smoldering ruins and anarchy.

So ask YOURSELF, who is truly more foolish in the long run?

Last Real Indians