Any member of a minority group or even a majority ethnic group still trying to exist under the domination of others (as in Peru, Guatemala, West Papua etc.) knows that ‘Justice’ as applied by the ‘rulers’ is nothing more than a double standard that considers their lives to be ‘less important’ than those of the ilk of the rulers in the artificially constructed Political Nation State that was imposed on them in their own lands by foreigners.

I knew this grandfather you see in the photo above, his nickname was ‘Dreddie’, he used to make everyone laugh with his witty quips and feisty temper in his under 5 foot tall body. He used to bring the crops he grew in his farm to the village on Pakuri Lokono-Arawak Territory to sell or barter, we looked forward to his fortnightly canoe trips to the village….because Grandpa ‘Dreddie’ still used to paddle his dug-out canoe over 12 miles EACH WAY to do this….his Bahi (house) was the most remote from the tribal village, he lived on the northern border of the Tribal Territory of Pakuri and he was our ‘frontier guard’.

He was also the brother of my wife’s grandmother, and traditionally there is no such title as ‘Great Uncle’ as people in western society say; the siblings of your grandparent are ALSO called your grandmothers and grandfathers… OUR children also called him ‘Grandfather’ – as did I.

Unfortunately, Grandpa ‘Dreddie’ was not afraid of anyone and he spoke his mind for the last time to the worst kind of human scum imaginable, criminals who will kill anyone in the name of money…in this case, Grandfather saw some men of Indo-Guyanese ethnicity (people who’s ancestors came from India to Guyana in the last 200 years) illegally growing narcotic plants on our tribal lands – and he told them that he was going to report them to the Police (he should have reported them to the warriors instead – he might still be alive today had he done so).

These narco-traffickers ambushed him in the night in his little house far away from everyone else in the tribe…and they murdered him, but it was not as simple and straightforward as that, no…they tortured him brutally first…this little old grandfather…. with extreme cruelty (one of these murdering evil bastards lives a comfy life – thanks to his drug money – in the USA now in a West Indian community, he got a green card – he used to live ‘up the Mahaica river’ when he murdered Grandfather Eldred).

His body was found floating in the river by his son-in-law, he had been stabbed multiple times all over his body, and his tongue had been been cut out…..these animals who savagely murdered him believe that “his spirit will not be able to say who murdered him” because they cut out his tongue (that might give you a clue as to what ‘religion’ they practiced).

The matter was reported to the Police, they ‘claimed’ to have investigated – but found out nothing and charged no-one …..maybe if they were not collecting bribes from the same Narco-traffickers to ‘protect’ their business…the case MIGHT have been solved (just a crazy guess of mine).

From an indigenous perspective, atrocities like this and MANY others worldwide including – the indigenous children who get sold secretly from orphanages into high society Paedophile rings, or the indigenous girls who get raped by the non-indigenous men (and their sons) – who employ them as household maids, or the abducted-raped- murdered indigenous women & children that number in the tens of thousands of UNSOLVED/UN-INVESTIGATED cases worldwide etc.) happen to us because to the non-indigenous people in OUR lands – Indigenous peoples are their DOGS, and we are inferior to them in their minds (not even considered to be the ‘same species’ as them), and they expect us to take THEIR abuse – and keep waging our tails and being obedient and loyal to them (just like a pet dog) for the rest of our lives….and when we talk-back to them – or worse (in their minds) – and try to defend ourselves from their abuse – they get enraged and often VIOLENT….because to them (in their racist minds) it is a case of ‘how dare this indigenous dog get ‘uppity’ with me – I shall teach him/her to ‘know his/her place’….and to them ‘our place’ is to be UNDER their feet like doormats that they can wipe as much of their shit off from on their shoes as they want to.

And yet, there are those among us who tell us ‘just pray and turn the other cheek, we will be rewarded for our suffering here – in the next life somewhere else’….yes, you keep being their doormats forever like peaceful ‘good’ little slaves….and die like their abused pet dog that they want you to be….as for me and the warriors who stand with me, we will die on our feet defending ourselves and our people like MEN if we must here and now instead!

Grandfather Eldred Dundas – who’s savage murder over a decade ago has never been solved (probably because it was never really investigated in the first place).

Last Real Indians