With me to my right in the photo above from the days when I led such ‘military operations’ – is my now deceased brother-in-law and right hand man, Ernest Courtney Simon – a real hero of the Lokono-Arawak Tribe who never once refused to volunteer for any of my high risk plans to help others which we could have been killed or imprisoned for doing.

Damon Gerard Corrie
21st March 2015

I just had a long chat with my 83 year old father, it seems he did not know of any of the times that I broke the laws of men – in order to uphold the laws of the Creator that demand of us to do whatever it takes to help those in need, this included impersonating soldiers (in full military uniform purchased on the black market) of a certain country and creating fake ‘warrants’ (from a famous global Police entity) for the ‘arrest’ of certain (actually innocent) individuals – as the way to help them escape from their criminal captors in quickly executed ‘military operations’ (as we called them).

To explain further, since I was 20 I had created and bankrolled my own small para-military group of fearless indigenous rights defenders in a certain country, and when we heard of native girls forced into prostitution by human traffickers in that country who lured them away from their trusting families or indigenous home villages with false adds for honest jobs as ‘maids’ or ‘shop assistants’ etc….we used this ruse of pretending to be local Military working for International Law enforcement to get these girls away from their captors…I would always play the ‘officer-in-charge’ role and we would have a taxi waiting with engine running (these criminals never figured out that if we were legit we would be pulling up in military not civilian vehicles), I would demand that the young ladies (we were trying to rescue) be immediately handed over to us for questioning ‘or I would return with the ‘Task Force Police’ (equivalent to SWAT) and a search warrant to check the entire property’ – AND charge them personally with ‘obstruction of justice’ (that always got them in a hurry to get rid of the girls and avoid any more ‘heat’ on their establishments)…..then we hustled the girls into the waiting taxi and sped them away to safety until I could pay for them to return to their home villages out of my own pocket….we took less than 5 minutes from start to end to rescue such girls, luckily none of the criminals we ever encountered was intelligent enough to realize that I was not who they thought I was.

These are the kinds of ‘military operations’ that I began organizing, financing – and personally leading – 20 years ago, though with my long hair now the ‘officer impersonation’ will no longer work for me personally, as even an idiot criminal knows the Army does NOT allow it’s members to have long hair. NO leader of any ‘Indigenous’ NGO in our region would even THINK of going to these lengths to save one of our people in need (because it entails them personally putting their lives at risk from potentially violent criminals – AND genuine Law enforcement that would sentence them to 10 years in jail for impersonating a local soldier/policeman if they were caught doing this (unfortunately local law enforcement are often on the payroll of human traffickers), ALL they will do is limit themselves to write about these girls plight – but NEVER attempt such a rescue of these victims THEMSELVES….but in my mind – words not enforced by actions are often inconsequential…so I have earned a reputation for being the guy you turn to when no-one else can help you if you are an indigenous person in a certain country with no-where to turn to for help in such an emergency.

Dad smiled and seems proud, he always admired ‘men of action’ who stood up for the defenseless….now he knows that his own son is one of them…and has been for half his life already.

Last Real Indians