Mar 1, 2015 - Mar 1, 2015

Creating and hiding behind a committee made for washut is pretending
Your significance has a place
Of authority like a delusional mind yelling
At the North Star to remove from its place
Like negative and positive is only limited to the latter
Similar of denying life into death, exit & enter
A group caused an internal whirlwind of anger & identity
Let’s pretend there is no connection or even memory
But for the built ascendancy
A simulated environment of hereditary
Privilege running parallel
Of effects of psychological weight of historical
Trauma a colonized legacy going unanswered
The rage builds from being imperially subjugated
The aftermath of a corporate to nation agreement
But within our own has the oppressor quality of engagement
The slave paper that changes any individual
Even a spiritual place is a spot to upheaval
Others secretly without word of notice
The jest of privilege is to deny any malice
An unconscious indigenous discourse
Because the ego is fragile and remorse
Is refused to be acknowledged
Let alone be communicated
In adult dialogue of respect
After years of suicidal thoughts and introspect
Despite it all will have a mass consideration
Of indigenous improvement and historical obligation

Last Real Indians