Feb 23, 2015 - We are Nooksack 306 – We Belong

This is purely and simply a matter of tribal family politics and vengeance. But it is of the grossest kind. That is because Bob Kelly and his faction are attempting to eliminate us from the Tribe because we are part Filipino. It is racism and cultural genocide that we are facing.” ~Moreno Peralta

The Nooksack 306 are currently enrolled members of the Nooksack tribe who are slated for disenrollment. In 2013, 306 members of the Nooksack tribe received letters stating that were going to be disenrolled from the tribe.

A faction of the Nooksack tribal council, led by its chairman Bob Kelly, whom ironically is not even Nooksack himself as he was adopted into the tribe, have pushed for the disenrollment of 306 current tribal members.

The Nooksack tribe is located near the Canadian border in Northwest Washington state.

Watch: We are Nooksack 306 – We Belong

The Nooksack 306 and supporters march and rally outside of the law offices of Morisset, Schlosser, Jozwiak, & Somerville, the attorneys who are representing the Nooksack Tribal Chairman Bob Kelly.

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