THIS is one of the reasons I am opposed to indigenous children being adopted by non-indigenous parents (and don’t fool yourself – in the USA most native adoptions are NOT voluntary either – the assimilation machinery of the state TAKES our kids away for any & every excuse)….it is all very easy for the casual observer to say ‘All a child needs is love and a good home’ (not that THIS child got either) but lets play devil’s advocate and say the non-indigenous adopting parents are a genuinely loving husband and wife (which is still normal in the indigenous world – a father who is an actual man – and a mother who is an actual woman, not what passes for normal in the ‘metrosexual’ urban society today…and this is STILL how it is in my Lokono-Arawak Tribal Nation – don’t know about yours), and their home is full of every material comfort you can imagine…..STILL – the non-indigenous parents will NEVER be able to raise that indigenous child to be truly knowledgeable of it’s rich ancient indigenous ancestry….at best the non-indigenous parents MIGHT try to, usually by ineffectual means such as ‘reading books or watching movies’…you CANNOT learn indigenous cultures via books or movies….I have been approached by non-indigenous parents who want ‘help’ to raise their indigenous adopted child ‘culturally’….and I try my best to help without hurting their feelings – by telling them in all honestly “That is something you both as non-indigenous people yourselves will NEVER be able to accomplish with this child”.

IF that child still has blood relatives who ARE still pro-traditionalist – the solution is to send the child to live among it’s own people every chance it gets (vacations perhaps) so it can learn from bona-fide sources….but unfortunately, due to centuries of Colonialism and forced assimilation….we have many indigenous peoples today who are pro-assimilation’ and have truly become the ‘imitation Europeans’ that Colonialism intended to create in the first place….and these biologically indigenous peoples (they may look ‘native’ but inside are as European as English Apples) we have almost everywhere today are like ghosts…they are all visual with no substance to them (so they can’t help do one damn thing to teach the native child anything of traditional value either)…many traditionalists like me see them as being more of a hindrance than a help to those who remain true representatives of our proud indigenous ancestries…they LOVE to talk about how ‘proud they are of their native blood’…but examine their actions carefully and you will see all they ever do is TALK (and words are meaningless and forgettable if not reinforced by ACTIONS)…they never spend a cent (or do any physical voluntary work) to help any traditional native cause or effort, they never participate in any traditional native ceremony or gathering, they do not practice any aspect of their ancestral native spirituality (only a European one), they do not speak any native languages – nor are they trying to learn one (they only speak or bother to learn European languages), they do not play ANY native games (only European ones), and they OFTEN take the side of the same non-indigenous Colonial or neo-Colonial illegitimate rulers who are oppressing their own indigenous peoples in our own lands – AGAINST their own traditionalist native leaders who are trying to fight the oppression of foreign assimilation… I ask you, are we pro-traditionalist wrong to view these ‘indigenous imitation Europeans’ as ‘POTENTIAL TRAITORS & ENEMIES’ ?

Sure we hold a deep seated hope in our hearts that we can reach their children and turn them back to the traditional side of the ‘force’…and rarely we can turn some of these adults back too…but it is hard as HELL to do (hard to teach old dogs new tricks), and we have greater success to plant seeds of ancestral pride and self-awareness into their children’s minds and souls – that often bear fruit as they grow to view their parents assimilation with suspicion – and try to escape/avoid it as best they can in their own lives.

I know some older parents who were VERY opposed to my naming our tribal children with OFFICIAL traditional names instead of Christian names when I was the first one in my tribe to do this in 1992 when my own first child was born when I was 19 (after the Church had wiped such traditional practices out over 100 years before) …..but the children (young parents) of these sell-outs ended up coming to me and asking me to suggest native names for their children – who proudly bear such native official names today (the tide has turned)….so this is the kind of foundation level victories we can achieve on the road to ultimate victory once we reach out to the youth and show them how lost they have become in the assimilation system most of their parents fell victim to.

I am yet young, just 42…but I have seen for myself that the determination and conviction of ONE man to reverse the tide in a once very spiritually assimilated native community and re-establish & re-assert ‘traditionalism’ – CAN become an ever-growing and unstoppable force. Never see yourself as ‘just one person that cannot achieve much’…see yourself as a LEADER and ACT LIKE ONE – and you will see that others WILL begin to follow you…whether your enemies like it or not.

A pack of wolves is not led by consensus, it is led by the Alpha male….he runs alone leading the way – and the pack follows him…for ONE person CAN make a difference, if you know ANYTHING at all about human history – you will see that it is the often the only thing that ever has. The recorded history of mankind is almost entirely comprised of INDIVIDUALS who lead the way in pushing forward the wheel of history for the masses.

EVERY native child that was adopted by non-native parents – though they may love their adopted parents a great deal – still wrestle with an emptiness inside for all their lives (some just don’t admit it publicly) ..unless and until they can find someone from among their own people who can teach them the kind of ancestral cultural & spiritual wisdom that the outside world cannot……it is in our DNA….and no matter how far we run – or are taken by others – we can never escape our own selves….and sooner or later the void will eat away at our souls like an incurable cancer till we die….


Gen. Leonard Colby and Lost Bird


Zintkala Nuni – Lost Bird around age 3 in her parent’s Washington DC home.


Lost Bird – as an actress

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