I was at the COP21 negotiations in Paris (my presence was from December 2nd to December 9th 2015), I was there from the Caribbean Amerindian Development Organization (CADO), an International Indian Treaty Council (IITC) affiliate – and a delegate of the Latin America and Caribbean Indigenous Caucus.

Some of the interviews I did in Paris that were the most pointedly specific in calling out who was behind the failure of the dishonest charade which was the COP 21…were NEVER USED…

I see other interviews these news entities did with folks before me and after me being used, but mysteriously my interviews seem to have disappeared ….interviews in which I said that our political ‘world leaders’ are in fact merely the political front men and women of the CORPORATOCRACY which is itself another front for the BANKSTER CARTELS who are the REAL power on the face of the Earth today…..and I further stated that the only ‘human rights’ these avaricious bastards consider is the ‘right of their shareholders to turn a financial profit’….the lives of anyone below that Socio-economic threshold does not matter to them.

So the COP 21 was never meant to achieve any real global paradigm shift to a world of Climate change mitigation solutions, just an exercise for the governments of most Nation-States to APPEAR to be trying to do something meritorious for global public consumption for the masses of average world citizens who were NOT there to see the REAL deception in action, where your ‘trusted’ government delegations said one thing in public to their accomplice media, and then DID the complete opposite behind closed doors….this is not conjecture my friends, we had two brave indigenous female colleagues who sneaked into these meetings secretly and recorded evidence of the global deception underway.

It has everything to do with increasing wealth, power and control for the elites behind a ‘touchy-feely’ PR Gold smokescreen and little to nothing to do with saving Mother Earth for future generations.

They also want the public to be able to harmlessly vent their anger, meanwhile they sit back and watch our protests on THEIR TV news channels …..smiling and sipping Champagne and eating caviar ….quite smug and confident in their ability to shrug off any and all such ‘localized pockets of manifested ideological resistance’….like a fat hippopotamus ignores a mosquito.
So do ME a favor my friends, and share THIS post, because they obviously did not want me to say this to you using their channels…..but the truth cannot be hidden forever.

As you can see…and as I have stated myself….it is NOT the ‘great success’ dominant media is trying to fool you into believing……as the old saying goes…the proof is in the pudding…it might look great…BUT IT MIGHT TASTE LIKE SHIT!

See video here:

We indigenous never waste an opportunity to make progress in terms of making bridges of solidarity among ourselves despite officialdom…but as a whole – on the bigger Global picture, we ALSO do not think COP 21 was the ‘great success for humanity’ the media is fooling you into believing either.

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