Nov 3, 2015 - Genocide is not an Indigenous game! By Ardaga Widor


Dear sisters and brothers spread all over Mother Gaia:

The struggle of Indigenous Peoples to avoid extermination continues everywhere on Mother Gaia. And so does the struggle to convert their indigenous and human “paper” rights into practically embraced and observed rights by the surrounding and penetrating predominant culture and State.

All too often we receive alarming if not plainly shocking news. In a world taken hostage by a handful of people/corporations and “their” bought and paid lobbies aka “governments” whose one and only moral imperative, it seems, is to increase personal material wealth.

And with a large part of world’s voters brain-washed and/or obedient, increasingly harder times and rougher storms for people and peoples standing (up) for a different model of values and traditions are becoming a stronger possibility.

Yet, we also receive encouraging news. Like the one of the latest Canadian elections. That brought the reign of one of the fiercest neoliberal and antiindigenous politricksters (Harper) to an end. And brought quite a few Indigenous legislators into office. There is more room for hope now. That not all of the lands and waters and air combined in the state of Canada will be destroyed. That instead of trying to break and wipe out Indigenous Cultures and Peoples the Canadian society and State might look at Native Cultures as a chance and source to learn from and interact with as genuine partners.

For the Indigenous Peoples within the state of Brazil, on the other side, such room of hope is vanishing faster and faster.

A Congress Committee has just made its proposal for Constitutional Change called PEC 215. To the outrage of most of Indigenous People within Brazil. And while the big media transmitted from the “World Indigenous Games”. Which are taking place in Palmas (Capital of Tocantins, in the devastated southern Amazon area of Brazil). The idea, it seems, is to make the public in Brazil and the world believe in a merry and cheerful Indigenous wonderland reality within Brazil (and the world).

What the big media, financed and controlled by some out of these above-mentioned “handful of people/corporations”, completely conceals, is that most of the Indigenous Peoples, even of the host state Tocantins itself, do not participate. Since they consider it not proper having a festive time while their rights are being trampled, their lands devastated and/or occupied, and their people abused and murdered.

And their boycott was decided even before PEC 215 succeeded in getting another step closer to “lawful” reality!

So far it belongs to Governmental Authority (mainly the Bureau of Indian Affairs – FUNAI, and the Federal Ministry of Justice) to decide in Indigenous Affairs such as crucial territorial questions. That is a constitutionally guaranteed status quo relatively easy to be controlled by society. Yet, Congressmen, extra-“financed” by the corporations and lobbies, are transforming (via PEC 215) this Basic Law into a (future) responsibility of Congress. Of their own, that is.

A Congress where the strongest grouping in both houses of parliament is formed by the agro-capitalist lobby (known as “Bancada Ruralista” in Brazil –…/…/fromusfoundrisingtobrazil.pdf) andthe arms lobby and the dam builders lobby and the miners lobby…!

Indigenous Peoples and Rights are already being violated on a routinely scale within Brazil. And the current government of president Dilma is the worst, most anti-Indigenous, since the military dictatorship.

Still, with a possible shift of the power to decide over the fate of Indigenous Peoples into the hands of the very men whose main interest it is to gain the undestroyed (“unexplored”) Indigenous Territories for their ego-purposes (and who misunderstand Indigenous Cultures as something obsolete and a “hindrance to progress”) PEC 215 stands for the sanction of a next stage of genocide.

Neither the Brazilian State needs the monetary profit gained by transforming Indigenous lands “lawfully” first in milk cows for the rich and then into toxic deserts for the poor. The State’s officials and “people’s representatives” just needed to stop stealing. And all money shortage was gone.

Nor do the entrepreneurs/corporations who take all the profit of the milk cow years and leave destroyed cultures and peoples, deserts and poverty and health problems behind, need more money resulting from the Brazilian destruction business. They are already richer (in a material sense) than most.

Imagine what would happen, if the decision-making powers over Mother Earth and global environmental politics would plainly go to the managers and CEOs of Exxon and Shell!

What would happen if peace processes are being decided by Lockheed and BAE Systems?

What would happen if the powers of the WHO (World Health Organization) would be transferred unrestricted to Monsanto and Syngenta?

For the survivors and resisters of 515 Portuguese-Brazilian years of genocide, again a moment has come considered a must to stand up and fight back.

Sisters and brothers around Mother Gaia, Indigenous or not (and, as brother John Trudell accurately observed, EVERYBODY has and comes from an indigenous background!), please don’t get fooled by deceitful images and folkloric hypocrisy on so-called World Indigenous Games. It is exactly the contrary that is going on in Brazil.

It seems the immediate aim is once again to get rid of the “Indigenous Obstacle” for once and for all. And Brazilian and transnational lobbies, corporations and their politricksters are working on it. Without the world noticing it (much).

And in order to not have it become our LAST battle we appreciate support!

If you feel that it is high time to obey and fulfill existing (paper) Rights of Indigenous Peoples within the State of Brazil, and if you would like to speak out against genocidal PEC 215, please ACT!

Write your thought, opinion, protest, suggestion to some public figures of those involved in the accelerated genocidal efforts in Brazil (see list below). Show your solidarity and support of Indigenous Peoples brutalized and chased within and by the Brazilian State next to Brazilian representations (embassies) and firms.

Tell them you are watching. Tell them you care. Get involved!
One World – One Love – MANY Cultures!

Osmar Serraglio
Eduardo Cunha
José Guimarães
Bruno Araújo
Leonardo Picciani
Carlos Sampaio
Maurício Lessa
Mendonça Filho
Rubens Bueno
Rogério Rosso
Ana Amélia
Waldemir Moka
Edison Lobão
Omar Aziz
Renan Calheiros

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