YOU only see that the drastic measures our ‘Government leaders’ who are actually just the political front men of the BANKSTERS and the CORPORATOCRACY need to adopt to begin to seriously address Industrialized World human-exacerbated Climate change NOT being adopted by these culprits – and you see the dark storm clouds gathering and fill your heart and soul with ‘we have failed’ pessimism.

YOU do NOT see the radiant Sun of an even MORE STRENGTHENED Global Indigenous Solidarity that grows larger EVERY TIME we get the opportunity to mass together (at their expense).

But have YOU ever seen an Eagle being battered beneath the storm winds? NO – because the Eagle always SOAR ABOVE IT….we indigenous peoples who are faithful children of the Eagles are never defeated, as long as we continue to survive and keep the sacred flame of the ancestors burning in our own hearts – and the hearts of our children WE WILL ALWAYS BE THE WINNERS!

I will be the first to admit to you that at the COP 21 charade convinced me that WE are the ripples of foresight on the stagnant pond of shortsightedness that is humanity today, how many truly ARE making drastic changes to their environmentally unsustainable lifestyles? Not as many who are only TALKING about it – I assure you……and this fact won’t change…not until it is too dam late to make a difference….in most ways it is ALREADY too late to halt what is underway at the global climate level, but that is not an excuse to give in to despair…it is instead a mandate to now ACT in terms of implementing survival solutions in your own lives – and in your own homelands.

When the devotees of the ‘consume & discard’ MIS-philosophy are dead and dying in crumbling diseased, crime-ridden, food & water scarce cities made with their own hands, it is WE…the Eagles children who will be surviving in the natural unspoiled places made by the Creator, we will adapt… and we shall remain to walk the face of mother Earth in humility and respect forever…for she protects her own…and she sheds off her parasites.

So I leave COP 21 more encouraged and empowered to keep on the Red road than ever before, one does not conquer ignorance by surrendering…only by persevering in the face of it….for victory comes to those who fight for it the hardest – and the longest…..and that is US.

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